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In this timebucks review, I have included a bit of something for everyone member or not. But first, begin your journey with timebucks if you haven’t joined yet.

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We ‘ll look at these key points in this review.

  1. What Is TimeBucks?
  2. Timebucks website design
  3. Review of different earning ways from Timebucks
  4. Common micro earner’s questions about Timebucks
  5. What are other sites like Timbucks?

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Table of Contents

What Is TimeBucks?

A Drop Servicing Platform

Timebucks is an online drop servicing platform. Don’t fret i will explain.

Drop servicing refers to an online website or app that hires freelancers or workers for third party clients. They can also sell their users engagement services.

These websites keep a part of the payment from their clients as commission.

With timebucks, clients are mostly advertisers having offers or surveys to conduct. And freelancers are timebucks members.

So, it looks something like this,

timebucks review drop servicing

Timebucks has partnered up with many incentive based survey and offer provider companies. Hence, it provides the website users with a chance to earn small money or cash backs by completing different surveys or offers from a multitude of such companies.

Some of these companies or websites include offerwall, adgem, adscend, peanutlabs,

For the most part, Timebucks does not provide direct services and directs its users to the survey and offer companies, the user is interested in. They earn a portion of whatever the micro earner i.e. the user of timebucks earns.

Basically, timebucks provides the platform for these survey or offer companies to reach a wide user base. I hope it makes sense.

So, what do we call timebucks?. A get paid to website, a micro earning website or a survey website. It is ultimately your own choice.

Who Owns Timebucks

Timebucks does not provide any website owner company or individual name on their website or social pages. However it’s copyrights are reserved with Australian clearing pty limited. And the domain timebucks is registered since 2014. So it is 6 years old now as of 2020.

Timebucks Website Design

For any ptc or gpt websites user, the interest and activity in any earning website greatly depends upon two factors.

  • Usability of the website layout
  • Ease of use in website usage

Timebucks has a lot of options and button on their website. But, they have done pretty well in terms of design. The layout looks simple to the eyes. Yet, it covers all the different options and tabs timebucks has to offer.

Doer Verdict

Great website design for doers!

Different Earning Tabs In Timebucks

Timebucks has many micro earning websites embedded into it’s platform. So it offers diverse ways to it’s users for earning. Although the earning is not that much for the time consumed doing them.

Some users are utilizing the 2 tier referral earning system offered by timebucks and making something decent.

Let us take a look at all the diverse earning ways i could find on timebucks.

timebucks review ways to earn

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Timebucks Surveys Tab Review

Get paid for sharing your opinion through this tab. Timbucks provides ample opportunity of earning though surveys to its users. It supports a number of different market research platforms on their website’s survey tab.

Lets take a look at the survey provider platforms timebucks has partnered up with.

Theorem Reach

Theoremreach is one of the largest monetization solution for websites and apps. Timebucks knows it well as they have placed theorem reach on number 1 in their survey tab on the website.

Peanut Labs

Microworkers are well aware of peanut labs surveys as many get paid to websites have integrated them on their website. Peanut labs is another popular monetization solution for websites with users interested in making money online.

Opinion Capital

Opinion capital provides up to 10,000 surveys worldwide at all times according to their official website.

Revenue Wall

Another monetization platform providing surveys for users. Revenuewall favors dollarclix as their affiliate in providing survey opportunities. They even recommend it on their homepage for earners. But, timebucks works just as well.

Adscend Media

Adscend media is around for a long time. It has been providing monetization opportunities to different websites like timebucks since more than 12 years.


Surveytime offers $1 for each completed survey. Timebucks is affiliated with surveytime to provide its members with survey opportunities from this platform.


Your-surveys is currently only working with platforms like timebucks and like websites mentioned above, provide monetization for user’s opinions.

IRAAS Router

like in the name IRAAS router routes survey opportunities though different affiliate websites like timebucks to users interested in earning from surveys.

Yuno Survey Router

Like IRAAS router, yuno survey router also provides publishers like timebucks with survey opportunities for its members.

Tap Research

Tap research is not available to new timebucks members. Once you have completed one payout from timebucks, it becomes visible in the survey tab.

Timebuck Daily Poll

Timebucks is doing great as a business.

So they have now started to offer daily poll for its members and reward them with $0.005 for a simple question.

This, in my opinion (since we are talking about opinion rewards here) can be the indication of timebucks’s interest in starting their own survey platform.


  1. I have taken a comparative look at other drop servicing companies like Swagbucks, Offerntion, Rewarding ways and dollarclix. Timbucks provides same or more survey platforms to its users. So it wins this round easily.
  2. The website guides users about the best surveys available on the website. It even sends email alerts to its members whenever a new survey is available on the website.
  3. Timebucks has deployed it’s own pre screening survey to exclude spammy members from survey tabs altogether.


  1. The survey opportunities provided on timebucks usually pay way less than a dollar for each completed survey. It is the same with most drop servicing companies. These surveys can sometimes be as long as 40 minutes to complete.

So the pay is definitely low and you need to complete the pre qualifying survey before the actual survey begins like any other survey. If you don’t qualify, your time is wasted. But, it is common with all survey providers.

Doer Verdict For Timebucks Survey Tab

Survey tab of timebucks provides ample opportunities to its members for getting rewarded for their opinion.

Hence, it passes this part of the review with flying colors.

Next up in this timebucks review is,

Timebucks Tasks Tab Review

Unlike other ptc or gpt sites, timebucks has introduced a unique tasks tab. Here, users can become advertisers with ease. In brief, you can get almost anything related to online marketing done on a micro level.

Let’s review it from both advertisers and micro earners point of view.

For Advertisers

With timebucks tasks tab, you don’t need to be a big marketer with deep pockets to advertise your content. Promote any content like a blog, youtube channel or social media page with ease.

Get thousands of facebook likes and shares just with 5 to 10$ budget.

So, many options for small marketers are here e.g,

Social Media Subscription

Now with timebucks, get subscription to any social media page for cheap. Or offer timebucks members to engage with you on Facebook, YouTube, twitter or Instagram. Prices are crazy low so you can grow viral easily here.

Social Media Engage

It is one thing to get subscribers, but they may not view or share your posts or videos. Pay timebucks members to view and share your content on social media platforms.

Again, it is very cheap and you get great value for money here.

Web-page Engage:

If you have a web page and need to promote it or improve its ranking, you can do so now with ease and without spending a small fortune. Offer anything you would like timebucks members to do for a very small amount per engagement.

Rate Or Vote:

Need people to rate or vote for your app or post or page?timebucks has got your back. As with above two options, here also, the rates are low and you can get your content rated or voted easily.


You might need someone to review your product, app, page or post if you are into affiliate marketing. You can do so easily by adding a review task in timebucks.

Use Article Writing Service

Sometimes, you are stuck with something important in your life or lazy as hell like me. In such times, you should utilize tasks tab of timebucks.

Get the members of the website write an article for you for a very affordable price.

Use Video Service

Some of us are camera shy and don’t want our face all over the internet.

Common reason for this include,

  1. You don’t think you are pretty (I strongly disagree with this).
  2. You have poor English speaking and need a video for English audience.

In short, whatever the reason maybe, don’t worry. You can assign timebucks members this task and they will oblige.

Again, the rates are very affordable.


Have you built a website or an app, maybe you are a developer and have made a game app, before you go live, you need to test it by real users. Look no further as you can achieve this easily with timebucks tasks tab.

Website Signups:

Have you selected and joined best ptc websites or any other free to join gpt website? Are you interested in promoting them? you can now do so easily with timebucks website signups option in offers tab. It would definitely increase your referral earnings on other free gpt sites.

App Install:

Yes, you guessed it right, you can increase your app’s reach for pennies on dollar using timebucks tasks tab.


Think of anything that is free to do and you can get it done here. I believe, timebucks does not support adult content and corresponding advertisements. Otherwise, you can get creative about what you need done and it will be delivered.

For Micro Earners

Timebucks members utilize tasks tab of timebucks and find interesting opportunities to earn something for what they already love doing without incentive.

This includes many options. From joining other free to join make money websites to surfing different blogs and reading articles. From exploring other people’s social media pages to installing new fun apps.

Some may even try their hand at article writing before hitting it big time at websites like freelancers, fiver or people per hour. All in all, micro earners can grow and earn at the same time by utilizing the tasks tab on timebucks.

Doer Verdict For Timebucks Tasks Tab

Timebucks has made it simple for anyone to get their marketing needs met at micro level. Also, the users of timebucks get an extra income opportunity while doing something they already do.

So the tasks tab of timebucks gets a solid yes from me.

Timebucks Paid Signups Tab Review

Timebucks has a dedicated paid signups tab for earning. The reason for this being, the number of members interested in increasing referrals in free to join income opportunities by far exceeds members with other interests.

I have already explained the benefits and process of paid signups in tasks tab review above. Timebucks has a process for approving signups i.e.

  1. Advertisers submit their signup campaigns along with the signup rate to timebucks.
  2. Timebucks approves and adds it to the list of available signups.
  3. Interested users signup to the programs they prefer.
  4. Users submit their signup proof using the submission button.
  5. If advertiser approves (advertiser has 4 days to approve your signup), the user gets credited.
  6. If advertiser disapproves, user can open a dispute using disputes button.
  7. The dispute is resolved and the user is paid.

Doer Verdict For Timebucks Paid Signup Tab

Adding dispute button right infront of the signup section is something I haven’t seen from any other micro earning website.

So timebucks easily passes the test and gets a resounding yes.

Timebucks Ladder Tab Review

When it comes to micro earning websites, encouraging the users stay engaged is mandatory. Timebucks utilizes competitive instinct of its members and offers prizes for top performers.

Remember, it is not only users that get benefit from this increased activity. Timebucks earns more only if their users earn more.

I have already explained drop servicing above.

There are two types of competitive prizes in ladder tab.

User Earning Ladder

Top earner in timebucks gets a bonus prize of 20 $ ever day. Top 5 earners earn a total of 39 $ everyday in total.

This is a great way to increase members interest and retain daily activities from active members.

cut off time for daily competition can vary greatly for you depending upon your location, so timebucks shows remaining time in prize calculation for each day in user earning ladder tab.

Referral Ladder

To grow its community and earnings faster, timebucks offers prizes for users whose referrals earn them more every week.

Referral earning from referrals of that week are calculated for prizes.

User with most referral earnings earns a bonus of $100 every week. A total of $185 are awarded to top 5 users.

As with user earning ladder, time remaining till calculation of next prize is mentioned in referral ladder.

Doer Verdict For Timebucks Referral Tab

Very few gpt websites are rewarding their members for earning more for themselves. Timebucks reward system is unique and the name ladder perfectly fits the type of competition among members.

So, yes, timebucks passes this part of the review as well.

Timebucks Links Tab Review

Timebucks has a very unique tab under earning section of the website called links tab. Here members can generate links from timebucks by inputting any url they like. They are paid to promote these links on social meida, whatsapp etc.

It is like timebucks is promoting their own link shorten-er or link re directer. Honestly, i don’t know how timebucks has figured out to make money from this technique but knowing them well, anything is possible.

Timebucks pays anywhere from $0.001 to $0.006 per click depending on the location of clicker.

Doer Verdict On Timebucks Links Tab

I am quite amazed at how timbucks team is finding new and interesting ways to make an income for themselves and for their members.

Timebucks Content Tab Review

Content tab in Timebucks earning dashboard simply contains all the earning options related to content promotion

We have to look at each earning option from both advertisers and earners point of view to give a final verdict.

For Advertisers

Look, It is difficult to make a start for any content creator in the current digital world. Nearly 2 million blog posts are published every single day.

Consequently, if you don’t have a strong social media presence or don’t have a lot of friends in online marketing world, it can be a lonely place.

Timebucks offers simple yet effective micro marketing tools for very affordable prices to starter content creators.

Clicks: Like ptc websites, advertisers here get page views for any blog page. Although, they don’t support adult content. Depending upon the duration of visit required, rates vary from $0.001 to $0.004 per click

You ‘ll need a web page in make money niche if you are looking for conversions as most users here are only interested in money making options

For Micro Earners

There are many, currently 9 ways to make some micro cash from timebucks

  1. Clicks: Just like PTC websites, nothing more to say here.
  2. Slideshows:Watch 7 slides for $0.001. I don’t recommend this.
  3. Cpatcha:Enter 15 correct captchas for $0.003 Only use this if you are a keyboard wizard.
  4. Nightfall News:Diverts members to external website. Here you can earn 0.0025 for watching 40 slides for 10 seconds each. Even for the standards of ptc sites, this pay rate is pathetic. Not Recommended at all.
  5. Engage:Also called engaged hits, here you can earn $0.001 for viewing each video. Very low pay so timebucks has increased its rate to $0.005 to increase members interest. I am not impressed by this option.
  6. Push Clicks:Users need to go to a third party website and allow notifications for browser. Earnings are $0.001 to $0.002 per ad. This may be for you if you spend most of your day in front of a computer.
  7. Search:Earn $ 0.001 for searching through timebucks search tab. Maximum of 3 search queries allowed in a day. Also, not more than one query in 30 minutes. Don’t bother.
  8. Upload: upload different YouTube Videos as per timebucks rquirment. Video title, thumbnail and description needs to match the instructions provided by timebucks. Pay varies for each video. Good option for member active on YouTube.
  9. Videos:watch videos (mainly videos here are about timebucks) and earn 0.001 $ for watching for at least 60 seconds. Not recommended!

Doer Verdict For Timebucks Content Tab

Advertisers can get their pages viewed just like ptc sites. But you can get this done on any ptc website.

For earners, most options on content tab offer very little pay rate for time consumed even for the standards of micro earners.

So this tab does not pass the review.

Timebucks Offerwalls Tab Review

Offerwalls is a collection of cash back and incentivized offers from a multitude of different platforms timebucks has affiliated with.

Here are the all the supported offerwall platforms

  1. adgem
  2. ayetstudios
  3. hang ads
  4. persona.ly
  5. adscend media
  6. adgate media
  7. offertoro
  8. wannads
  9. adworkmedia
  10. revenue universe
  11. acorn
  12. aliexpress cash back

All of these platforms offer rewards and cash backs for paid subscription or up gradation on different apps and websites. So these are not earning options. This should be called savings instead.

doer Verdict For Timebucks Offerwalls Tab

Not a real earning option, so dear micro earners, don’t bother!

Timebucks Sweepstakes Tab Review

Timebucks offers weekly sweep stake prizes amounting to $500 in total.

There are different prizes for 30 lucky winners. First prize is $250. Sweepstakes entries are earned by logging in daily (100 entries), completing tasks, and referring other users to the website (200 entries).

But the main highlight is sweepstakes software timebucs is offering. You can earn 100 entries every 10 minutes by running this software.

Basically, timebucks is promoting its sweepstakes software through this tab.

Users should definitely be active on timebucks to earn entries for sweepstakes prizes. Although installing the software gives you exponentially increasing number of entries and raises your chances of winning a prize but i don’t recommend it.

Many users have complained about the lag in pc performance after installing the software. Some users are concerned about the privacy of their internet activities.

Doer’s Verdict For Sweepstakes Tab

Sweepstakes prizes are an excellent way to earn a prize while doing other micro tasks on timebucks.

Timebucks Premium Membership Review

Upgrade to timebucks premium and you can earn 25 % more for every earning task you do. Premium costs $4.95 every week.

Members who are earning more than $20 per week just by their activity can benefit from this premium membership greatly. But it is not for everyone.

Doer Verdict For Premium Membership

Only upgrade if you are already earning more than $3 a day from the site.

Timebucks Refer Tab Review

Timebucks offers 3 ways to earn by referring other users to the site.

Referral Earnings:

Referral program here offers 15 % commission on the earnings of your referred embers and a further 5 % commission on earnings on your referral’s referrals.


Roll is an instant free lucky draw. To be eligible you have to Refer at least 2 active members in the last week who have earned more than $0.1 for themselves. Members earn different prizes ranging from $0.002 to $50 every hour by rolling

Also, members get 50 % of their referrals winning.

So timebucks is providing all the encouragement one needs promote their membership program.

Job Listing:

Use free job listing websites to your advantage. Post job as a part time research worker required and put your email or phone number in the contact details.

Whenever someone contacts you, send the an email with your referral link and ask them to join timebucks.

Timebucks will pay you $1 for completing this job listing and you ‘ll get a consistent flow of referrals for timebucks.

Doer Verdict For Timebucks Refer tab

I have not seen any GPT site with so many rewards just for bringing new member onboard.

Definitely Recommend.

Timebucks Tiktok Tab

Tiktok tab allows users with tiktok accounts to promote their account to timebucks members. Earners can earn from activities like watching tiktok videos to following advertisers on tiktok.

Currently tiktok is not enable on timebucks due to some issues.

Nothing much to say here

Common Microearner’s Questions About Timebucks

Let’s take a look at some common questions that come to micro earner’s about timebucks.

  1. Is Timebucks legitimate?
  2. How much can i earn from Timebucks?
  3. How to avoid being suspended from Timebucks?

Is Timebucks Legitimate?

Timebucks has been around for more than 5 years and paying its members without fail.

Unlik many rogue ptc or gpt websits, the compensation structure of timebucks ensures timebucks is never in loss. So, this website earns more if its users earn more.

To answer in short, yes, timebucks is definitely legitimate.

How Much Can I Earn From Timebucks?

Short answer to this is, it depends on your Geo location and promotion efforts..

Yes, i know, it can be frustrating. I’ll explain.

Earning Potential For Top Tier Countries

If you are from US, UK, or any other top tier countries, you can earn many times more than users from the rest of the world.

On average you may be able to earn up to $5 daily from the website.

Timebucks itself clearly states that surveys offer 50 times more earning opportunities than any other task on the site. So, major earnings come from surveys. Most new survey opportunities are only open to the members from top tier countries only.

Promoting TimeBucks

No matter where you reside, you can earn a decent income from timebucks if you know how to promote the website.

If new users are joining under you and are active, your earning potential is endless.

A little optimistic i know, but you can promote it using free resources. With a little persistence, you can even have a full fledged income stream from this website.

Here, your referrals are the team that work to earn for you. The biggest advantage to this earning route is that you can earn from the referrals of your referrals.

Over time, you should get to hundreds of active referrals.

How To Avoid Being Suspended From Timebucks?

All of your hard work would be for nothing if you get suspended from timebucks. Here are some suggestions to avoid this pitfall.

  1. Don’t abuse or disrespect other members in website forums.
  2. Don’t use spammy marketing methods to promote your referral link. Timebucks doesn’t like traffic coming from traffic exchanges or bots.
  3. Use a blog page as a landing page if you have to advertise on traffic exchanges or popup ads.
  4. Be truthful in your answers to different surveys. Timebucks offers screening surveys from
  5. time to time to filter out fraudulent responses.

What Are Other Sites Like Timebucks?

Best alternative to timebucks is dollarclix. There are many gpt sites like timebucks but a few offer two level referral commission to their members.

Dollar clix offers 20 % on level 1 referrals earnings and 10 % on level 2 referrals. Some other websites worth your time include;

  1. Ysense
  2. Swagbucks
  3. Offernation
  4. Rewardingways


Timebucks offers great earning option to users interested in micro earning websites. Although, there are many websites offering same services but timebucks has some unique features. Some of these unique features are ladder, roll and sweepstakes.

Timebucks is a great place to start, if you want to start with affiliate marketing for earning an income online.

If you had a similar experience or a different one, please write below. Thanks.

Review TimeBucks Review.