Swagbucks Review: Does It Have any Swag?

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In this swagbucks review, we will try to answer the question if this rewards website is for you or not. See, swagbucks has been around forever and mostly the feedback is positive. But does it really offer any swag to you in particular?

Review it at the end of post if you are already a member of swagbucks.

Here on doerreviews, I review each product or service from a doer’s point of view. So this post may offer you something you haven’t read about elsewhere.

We are going to review swagbucks step by step covering each feature in detail. Here are the points we will be covering in this post.

  1. What is Swagbucks?
  2. Review of different earning options in swagbucks
  3. Is Swagbucks for you?
  4. How much can you make from Swagbucks?
  5. Tips and precautions in using Swagbucks.

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks serves two basic roles. It offers something to both advertisers and micro earners.

For advertisers, it is an advertising platform and serves a variety of clients. These clients include, survey platforms, gaming apps, different software (VPN, Fitness apps, etc) and shopping websites.

On the other hand, it offers its members rewards from completing different tasks, answering questions or buying memberships. Also, there are other opportunities for earning.

Swagbucks rewards in it’s own virtual currency called swagbucks. Currently 100 swagbucks equal 1$.

So it connects advertisers or opportunities to the users or members.

Here is a little graphic example of how Swagbucks works;

swagbucks review detail

Who Owns Swagucks?

Swagbucks website is owned by Prodege LLC. Prodege owns many other rewards sites like swagbucks. A popular name for micro earners is ysense.

How To Earn Rewards In Swagbucks

Swagbucks offers seven different rewards options. You can choose whatever you are interested in from below mentioned features.

I have reviewed each of them from an earner’s point of view so you can see if it works for you or not.

swagbucks earning featurs
doerreiews swagbucks review

Swagbutton Review

Swagbutton refers to the swagbucks extension. This button earns rewards for swagbucks members.

When you install swagbutton, you will get notified of cash back opportunities whenever you are shopping online on your favorite stores like amazon etc. Swagbucks offers rewards for shopping on more than 140 online shopping platforms.

Swagbuttons makes it easy for you to automatically know if there is swagbucks rewards you can earn by shopping for something you are already buying.

Doer Verdict On Swagbutton

Swagbutton brings ease of use for online shoppers looking for savings or cashbacks.

Swagbucks Answer Tab Review

Don’t worry, you are not being held answerable for your sins here.

Swagbucks answer tab is really about rewards for your opinions. Appen tasks are an exception as they require some mental effort.

So, if like being virtually interviewed, you are going to like this earning option. Here are a few options in this tab

Gold surveys

Answer survey questions and get rewarded with swagbucks by completing surveys here.

Gold surveys is a survey provider platform and websites like swagbucks utilize it for user engagement. Swagbucks seems to be one of the very few gpt websites to partner with them. As, I haven’t found gold surveys tab on many gpt websites.

Peanut Labs surveys

Not a new name for survey takers, peanut labs offers survey opportunities. But like in the name pay rate is peanuts in size.

Swagbucks Daily Poll

Earn 1 swagbuck daily in this poll by choosing an answer from given options. Questions here are really simple.

This also encourages users to login daily and see what today’s poll is all about. You can also see the poll results after you have answered the poll.

Appen Tasks Integration

Swagbucks integrates appen tasks under answer tab.

What is appen?

Appen is a crowd sourcing platform. Which means, they employ online users human intelligence to complete bulk micro tasks.

How Does Appen work?

Appen takes a big task that can be repetitive and divides that into hundreds or even thousands of micro tasks. It pays its users for completing these micro tasks.

Here is an example of the beginner level task tasks,

Find a person’s designation in present company structure. Here, finding each person’s designation can be a micro task. And it can be assigned to an individual user.

Appen Skill Level And Pay Rate

Appen assigns different skill level to its users. Skill level is based on accuracy and experience of micro workers.

New members get a default skill level of 1. Payout for level 1 tasks here is mostly only 0.01$ or 1 swagbuck. Sometimes level 1 workers can also get tasks paying up to 0.07$ or 7 swagbucks but this is very rare.

As you continue working on these tasks with accuracy, your skill level increases.

There are three skill levels and workers with level 3 get much better paying tasks. To get to level 3, you have to be very accurate (85 % accuracy) in your responses.

Also you have to complete at least 100 test questions with at least 5 different types of tasks on appen. Beginners don’t get enough tasks so you have to wait for sometime before you have answered 100 test questions to qualify for level upgrade.

skilled workers almost never run out of micro tasks to complete while beginner users seem to always run out of tasks to do.

Doer Verdict For Swagbucks Answer Tab

Answer tab offers genuine small time earning opportunities for swagbucks members. Surveys can be fun to take and you don’t feel like you have done any work at all.

However, you should not expect more than a few dollars a day at max from these survey opportunities. If you are not from top tier countries like USA, UK etc, then you have to concentrate more on appen tasks.

If you work and upgrade your skill level on appen, you can earn 5 to 10$ a day from 3 to 4 hours of focused effort. So pay rate is definitely low here.

Appen works best for students who have their brain juices flowing and can focus for longer duration of times. Might work for you if you are nerd and have a lot of reserve nervous energy. Put it to good use here.

Surveys are great for earning small rewards just for your opinions.

Swagbucks Discover Tab Review

Discover tab in swagbucks is not about earning. It is all about saving.

Suppose, you are interested in an app and want to buy the paid subscription for that app. You should always lookup swagbucks first to see if swagbucks offers any cashbacks for buying on the app.

Swagbucks offers different types of offers to its members.

There are free offers where advertiser of an app or software offers swagbucks just for trying their program.

Their is content discovery offers, Paid signups for vpn’s as well as cash backs offers on shopping.

Offewalls From Swagbucks

Offerwalls like Adgem, Adcend Media, etc are big names that promote different paid software and apps to users by enticing them. By default, if you are not interested in these offers, you should not waste your time here.

But if you have enough money and are interested n trying new things, hop in here and you can get great savings. You will get rewarded in swagbucks.

Grocery Coupons

Everyone buy grocery, right! well, now you can save on your bill by getting cashbacks through swagbucks coupon. Check if you live near a merchant where you can use swagbucks coupons.

Many cards also offer cashbacks but few offer cashbacks on grocery items. So, swagbucks coupons provide great chance to save money on your groceries.

Cashback From Online Shopping Websites

This is the biggest feature swagbucks is known for in online community. Swagbucks offers discounts for online shoppers on 140 different shopping platforms. Some big names include Amazon, Ebay, Best Buy etc.

Doer Verdict For Swagucks Discover Tab

Discover tab is for buyers and not for earners. There are legitimate saving options here.

You should always check swagbucks discover tab before buying paid subscription to see if there is any cashback offer available.

Also, you should use coupon codes from swagbucks whenever you can.

Search Through Swagbucks

Get rewarded for searching online by swagbucks. You just need to install swagbucks search extension in order to get rewards.

There is however a limit to how many searches you can get rewarded for.

Great little option for earning something simply to search online.

Swagbucks Play Tab

Play tab on swagbucks is basically for promotion for different games.

Swagbucks makes money through these games.

To get rewarded you have to play the game through swagbucks platform.

Rewards here don’t come cheap as you can only earn swagbucks if you spend money on in game purchases. Rewards rate is 10 swagbucks for every dollar spent during gameplay. This translates into a cashback of 10 %.

Doer Verdict For Play tab

This is neither an earning option nor a saving one. You have to spend 10$ to earn 1$ in reward.

Swagbucks Rewards Tab Review

From time to time, swagbucks offers additional rewards options for its members.

Recently, revenue universe, an offerwall partner of swagbucks announced giveaways of 350000 SB for swagbucks users in prizes.

Also, there are promotional amazon gift cards available from time to time on a decreased rate here. Usually, 1 swagbuck equals 0.01$ but for a limited time, swagbucks offers 5 pounds british gift card for 500 swagbucks.

Verdict For Swagbucks Rewards Tab

There are a lot of ifs and buts here. Users can easily miss out on reward gift cards if they don’t have enough swagbucks at the time.

Also offerwall partners only give prizes if you have completed the offers by spending some money.

Swagbeucks Referral Earnings

Swagbucks has an affiliate program for its members where they can earn 10 % commission on their referrals rewards for life.

This is enticing but i have seen many other rewards websites with muc higher commission offered on referral earning.

Even some of other websites owned by Prodege like ysense offer up to 30 % commission on refrral earnings.

Doer Verdict For Swagbucks Referral Program

Really disappointed here. Not much incentive for promoters compared to other similar websites.

You have gotta look at Timebucks referral program if you want to promote these kind of websites

Is Swagbucks For you?

No doubt, swagbucks is a legitimate rewards opportunity. But to determine if it is for you or not, You will have to look at how you intend to use swagbucks.

For Online Shoppers

Swagbucks is primarily a cashback site. So it is great for those looking for discounts on app upgrades or online shopping.

According to swagbucks, it offers discounts and cashbacks from 140 online shopping websites with big names like amazon etc included in the list.

For Survey Takers

Swagbucks does offer a wide range of survey platforms. And you can make a few bucks a day when you check for surveys daily.

But, surveys don’t offer consistent stream of cash. So you cannot make more than a few dollars a day at max through surveys. If you are looking to make more than that, it is not for you.

For Geeks

Appen tasks integration is great for students or geeks having brain juices to spare. You can upgrade to level 3 with some persistence. Then you will have steady micro tasks available to wok on. Top earners with most completed tasks earn prizes every week.

For Online Marketers

There is a 10 % referral commission on earnings of your referrals i.e. the member you have referred to the site. So, you can make some decent money if you are an online marketer.

Even if you refer only 1 user per day, after a year, you would have referred more than 300 referrals. The commission from their earnings can the pile up to some decent side cash with time.

Some Other GPT Sites Like Swagbucks

Look at some of these GPT sites for alternative if you are not comfortable with swagbucks for any reason;

  1. Offernation
  2. Rewardingways
  3. DollarClix
  4. Getpaid

How Much Can You Make From Swagbucks?

It depends on your individual use of the website. Most of the rewards options on swagbucks are through cashbacks. So they are savings not earnings.

There are two features to focus on if you want to earn something from swagbucks.

Surveys offer additional 5 to 10 $ to members from top tier countries. You should try you brain at appen tasks if you don’t belong to tier 1 countries.

Referral earnings are easily the best option to make a passive income from swagbucks. Through referral program, their is no limit on how much you can make on swagbucks.

But to get a decent amount of passive income, you will have to up your affiliate promotion efforts. On average, It is reasonable to expect 1 $ in referral earning commission on referral from top tier countries. Don’t expect anything more than $0.1 from rest of the world referrals.

Do look at this post for understanding how to make money from rewards websites.

Tips And Precautions

  1. Don’t cheat. No duplicate accounts should be used to make fake referrals. It never works and you will get banned from the website.
  2. Don’t spam! Swagbucks doesn’t like spammers. Who does?
  3. Be truthful in answering surveys. If you are not comfortable answering a specific question, select “prefer not to say option”. Surveys these days use algorithms to detect fake or wrong answers.
  4. Swagbucks pays members through gift cards. Keep this in mind while working on the site.


Swagbucks is mainly for saving money and not earning money. In fact, their tagline says exactly “put money back into your wallet”

So, you should not expect to make big money from swagbucks unless you are promoter and refer other users to the website.

For an internet marketer who can reach diverse users on the internet, you can definitely make some decent amount of side cash through this website.

Don’t forget to review swagbucks below as it helps new users make up their mind about swagbucks.

Review Swagbucks Review: Does It Have any Swag?.