OfferNation Review: What Exactly Does It offer To Micro Earners

Offernation Review
Doer Rating

This is a detailed offernation review. Micro earners have to get an idea about all the rewards options on this GPT website by reading through.

In this post, We shall be looking at and reviewing the different earning options offernation has to offer in brief we shall look at the following

  1. What is Offernation
  2. Offernation Earning potential for micro earners
  3. Websites like Offernation
  4. Concluding and doer remarks

Please give your honest review of the website below the post if you have experience with it.

You can help fellow micro earners by reviewing offernation in comments if you have been earning (or not earning) from offernation.

What is Offernation?

Offernation is a GPT website where micro-earners earn small money by doing simple micro-tasks like surveys offers et cetera.

In fact, offernation is like a drop servicing platform for survey seekers and advertisers both. What this means is that offer nation provides users interested in earning small rewards for their time. And to the advertisers it offers a platform to connect to potential customers.

Have a look at the below picture to understand what I am trying to say.

how offernation works
offernation structure

See, Offernation has affiliated with many survey and offer providing platforms to monetize its website and provides its users the opportunity to earn some as well.

Who Owns Offernation

Offernation is owned by 99 ventures company which is basically an advertising company.

99 ventures also owns some other GPT websites. Those include, and rewarding ways.

If you like micro earning sites, have a look at PTC sites post to know all about them.

Offernation Earning potential review

Offernation provides many opportunities to its members and the advertisers it is working with. But on this website I only review the information from a doer’s point of view. So, we shall be reviewing offernation from, micro-earners point of view. Look at the below image for understanding what offer nation has to offer to us users

So there are basically four earning option for members;

  1. Surveys
  2. Offers
  3. Referral rewards
  4. Quarterly prize contest

Surveys In Offernation

Offernation brings many survey platforms under one survey tab. Till the date of this review, offernation provides a total of nine survey platforms to its members. And the earning potential of these survey providers is not that much but it is well worth the time of users looking for such micro earning opportunities.

Let’s look at the survey platforms it has;

1. Your surveys:

As per offernation, surveys here offer from 1$ upto 8$ per survey completed. You have to qualify first though!

2. Revenue wall:

Here the rewards for surveys typically range between 0.2 $ to 2 $. It still is pretty good as compared to other micro earning websites.

3. CPX research:

The payout rate for surveys from this platform on offernation is between 0.2$ to 0.8$ per survey. Not bad if you qualify for a lot of them.

4. Theorem Surveys:

This survey platform provides offernation users a chance to earn between 0.2 $ to 5 $ per survey completed. A great addition to gpt sites lately.

5. Opinion capital:

Opinion capital is very popular among gpt platforms. GPT sites users must signup to opinion capital through offernation to receive surveys in offernation website.

6. Sayso surveys:

Sayso rewards is a relatively new name in gpt community. Now, many GPT websites have started including them in their surveys platforms. On offernation, typical payout for surveys through this platform is $1 to $3 per completed survey.

7. Live paid Surveys:

I have only found this platform on offernation GPT till date and haven’t taken any survey from this platform yet. But, offernation claims that users can find surveys paying up to $15 per survey here. Great news for users interested in such opportunities.

8. Adgem surveys:

One of the more popular survey platform, Adgem surveys offers offernation users surveys ranging from $0.4 to $1 per survey.

9. Wannads surveys:

Wannads is an old survey platform on most GPT sites. On offernation, the usual pay rate per successfully completed survey is between $0.2 to $1.

Doer Verdict On Offernation Survey TAb

Offernation provides its members ample opportunities and platforms to earn from surveys. Information about each platform is provided under relative tabs. So, members can easily decide where they want to invest their time.

As a result, Offernation passes this part of the review with flying colors.

Offernation Offerwalls Review

Offerwalls on most gpt websites are a collection of ads for paid games and software apps looking for customers. To encourage users, most apps and platforms here rewards them with cashbacks and discounts on purchases.

For micro-earners, spending money in not why they are here on the website, so they mostly avoid offerwalls.

However, to retain members interest in offerwalls, many gpt websites are offering prizes to users with most completed offers. Recently, revenue universe partnered up with many gpt websites to offer prizes to random users through lucky draw. Each completed offer served as entry tickets ijn the prize contest.

But, I feel this is not enough to entice most micro earners.

Luckily, there are some offerwalls paying for some microtasks. These tasks include, puzzles like finding an object inside an image, comparing the images and spotting the difference etc.

But the pay rate for these tasks is generally $0.1 or 1 point only. So these are only here to keep micro earners interested really.

List Of Offerwall Platforms

Here are all the offer platforms offernation has integrated into their website till date.

  1. Adgate
  2. Adgem
  3. Peanut Labs
  4. Offer toro
  5. Wall Ads
  6. Wannads
  7. Ayet Studios
  8. Adscend
  9. Revenue universe
  10. hang my ads

But as I have already said, this tab is mostly for cashbacks or discounts and not for earning.

Doer Verdict On Offernation Offerwalls Tabs

This is in the grey area for me. Some micro earners may be interested in $0.01 quizzes. Others may want nothing to do with it.

So decide for yourself, how much your time is worth.

Offernation Referral Program

Both newbies and established GPT website users know pretty well, the referral program is where most of the earning will come for members.

GPT sites like offernation take advantage of the referral system to grow their user base and offer their members rewards for bringing new members.

See, more the members, more the website’s affiliate earnings with all the platforms they have partnered up with. But still, some GPT websites don’t offer appropriate referral rewards to referring members.

Fortunately, this is not the case with offernation. Offernation offers a generous 25 % commission on the earnings of your referrals to you for life.

I have seen some websites like timkebucks, offer two level referral reward program to their members. But offernation is not much behind timebucks.

Doer Verdict On Offernation Referral Program

Offernation has a great referral program and provides ample encouragement to it’s members for promoting the website.

Offernation Prize Contest Review

See, GPT sites like offernation earn only when their members earn through their provided platforms. If members are not actively taking surveys or offers, their earnings (affiliate) take a hit too.

So it is necessary to spark interest between the members to be active daily on the website.

Offernation quarterly prize contest is the result of this effort from offernation. The contest lasts three months, during which the members try to earn most rewards from the website by doing surveys, taking offers, small quizzes etc.

The top earner in the three month contest period gets the 1st prize of $350. The 2nd prize is $200 and the third is $100. Top 20 earners get a share in the prizes. The total prize distribution among members amounts to $1000 for each quarterly contest.

Winners of the previous contests are displayed on the website for members encouragement.

Doe Verdict On Offernation Prize Contest

Earning contest is a win win for all involved. It is definitely a great attraction for micro earners and gets a resounding yes from me.

Cashout Options From Offernation

Offernation is an old and trusted website. It offers diverse cash out options to its members and takes pride in maintaining a low cash out threshhold.

The minimum cash out amount in offernation is $1 through paypal. For skrill, the minimum cash out amount is $5.

If you prefer to withdraw in bitcoin, the you have to reach minimum $60 to be able to withdraw.

Tango gift card and Amazon gift cards are also offered from time to time as a cash out option to offernation members.

Other Sites Like Offernation

Here is a list of websites which are similar to offernation and are worth your time if you are a micro earner.

Do note that the survey and offer platforms are nearly the same on most of them. So, pick your favorite one or two and stick with them.

  1. Timebucks
  2. Rewardingways
  3. Dollarclix
  4. Swagbucks
  5. Get Paid

Conclusion And Doer Remarks

After understanding offernation site structure, some micro earners may wonder why they should take surveys through this GPT platform.

See, when you can signup for different survey platforms directly, why should you bother going through GPT websites like offernation?

The answer to this is simple, the referral rewards structure of GPT websites like offernation is really generous. It allows members with marketing skills to scale their earnings limitlessly. This is seldom the case with big survey panels working independently.

If, you are someone with no marketing or social skills, you should consider signing up on the survey platforms directly. As the survey earnings are more than 80% of all earning from these GPT websites. And besides surveys, there is very small money to be made here.

Referral earnings on the other hand are the main attraction of GPT websites like timebucks and offernation. But these are mainly for marketers.

So, my advice, become a small marketer. Grow your social circle, write a blog, or maybe open a youtube channel.

If you have been to offernation and have an experience to share, please review this GPT above for all the viewer of this site.

Thanks and bye for now.

Dollarclix Review: Can You Make Dollars Through Clix Here?

dollarclix review
Doer Rating

This dollarclix review covers the most sought after query of users interested in this rewards opportunity.

That is, how many dollars can you make through your clicks on this website.

But first, Join dollarclix here if you haven’t already

Help others by leaving your opinion below in comments if you have been to dollarclix,

Let’s look at following points in detail

  1. Dollarclix Structure For Earners
  2. Review of different earning options in Dollarclix
  3. Earning potential and payout options
  4. Is Dollarclix for you?

Dollarclix Structure For Earners

We ‘ll be discussing dollarclix purpose and design here.

What Is Dollarclix

Dollarclix is a gpt (get paid to) website with many micro earning opportunities.

Yes, I say micro earning and not earning. So , how does dollarclix do it? Well, dollarclix has affiliated with many survey panels and offer providing websites.

Dollarclix get’s commission from these platforms for bringing unique users to them. It pays its members to take surveys and complete offers from these platforms.

In reality, dollarclix does not have any earning opportunities of its own on the website. It is simply hosting other micro earning platforms.

Here is how it looks,

what is dollarclix
Dollarclix Structure

Website Design Of Dollarclix

Micro earners interested in these GPT websites are not the most active users around, you would agree, right! They need straightforward access to earning options.

Dollarclix is designed by as it clearly states on the footer of their web pages. In fact, 33brushes is a perfect go to place for getting a gpt websites designed. You can try them if you want to build your own ptc or gpt website.

Dollarclix has an OK design for a GPT website. But i found it to be lacking in some categories unlike timebucks.

Dollarclix has unique names for some earning tabs under earn points menu. But when user clicks on it, it takes them to some other earning platform. For example, daily quiz unlimited tab takes users to a slide ads view website called nightfall news. But, there is no quiz to be found anywhere.

Other than that , dollarclix has done a satisfactory job in website design department.

Dollarclix Earning Options Reviewed

Dollarclix offers users rewards points for completing different tasks. Each point equals 1 cent. So, you need to collect 100 points for earning a dollar here.

dollarclix earning options

Dollarclix offers 4 basic forms of earning options to micro earners.

  1. Surveys
  2. Micro Tasks
  3. Paid To Click
  4. Cashback Offers
  5. Referral Rewards

Let’s review each opportunity in detail, shall we!

Dollarclix Surveys Earning Potential

Surveys are undoubtedly the best earning options when it comes to any GPT website. Dollarclix is no different and it offers many survey platforms to micro earners.

Generally, the collection of survey platforms is more or less the same on all GPT websites. Here are different survey opportunities on dollarclix.

  1. Your Surveys: It can be found under daily surveys tab in dollarclix under earn points menu. Your surveys offers anywhere from 30 points up to 80 points per survey. Surveys can be completed in 30 minutes to 45 minutes in average. This is a great way to earn some points in spare time. Check daily for available surveys here.
  2. Adgatemedia: Provides surveys mainly form surveytime. These surveys pay on average 50 points for completion.
  3. Opinion Capital: Provides surveys mostly to users from top tier countries. Relatively good pay rate is offered for survey completion.
  4. Adwall: Offers surveys collection from other survey providers.
  5. Wallads: Just like adwall in functionality and offers.
  6. Offertoro: Offertoro has collection of opportunities from other survey platforms. But pay rates here are less than on other platforms.
  7. Sayso Rewards: Offers genuine survey opportunities to dollarclix members.
  8. Penut labs: Peanuts (earnings) for opinion.
  9. Ayet Studios: This is just a survey router, providing surveys from other platforms.
  10. Offers genuine survey opportunities.
  11. TheoremReach: It offers opportunities for mainly top tier country members.
  12. Wannads: Like a survey router, it offers surveys mostly from Yuno surveys.
  13. CPX Research: I have seen average survey pay rate to be around 50 points here.
  14. SurveyWall: Another survey offering platform to discover opportunities.
  15. Bitlabs: Bitlab is a relatively new survey provider. It is AI (artificial intelligence) powered so i a fascinated to check it out more.

Overall, surveys on any GPT website offer main source of earnings for its members. So, most members never even look at other earning options and focus on surveys alone.

I don’t blame them as this is the highest paying earning opportunity on such sites. But you have to keep in mind some guideline before going berserk and taking all surveys.

Tips For Survey Takers

  1. You may not qualify for each survey available. Unfortunately, this means that you may have spent anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes answering questions already. Then, All of a sudden this screen pops up saying you don’t qualify. Don’t lose heart, and keep taking surveys. Answering more questions on any platform will strengthen your profile. So, you would qualify for more surveys in the long run.
  2. Be truthful, I can’t stress this enough. Survey platforms are getting cleverer these days. They have added trick questions in surveys to check for false or blind answers. So, if you are simply clicking on different options without even reading the questions, they would know. This can get you banned from that platform altogether.
  3. Don’t answer questions you are not comfortable answering. Surveys should be fun to take and not a source of anxiety for you right! Choose prefer not to answer if that option exists.

Doer Review For Dollarclix Surveys

GPT websites are competing hard to gain their users attention. So, they are trying very hard to include most survey platforms on their websites.

Dollarclix has done relatively well in this regard and passes this review.

Micro Tasks In Dollarclix

In micro tasks, dollarclix users earn points by performing simple tasks. These are all the available tasks for micro earners;

  1. Dollarclix Offers: Dollar clix offers new members three basic sharing tasks. following dollarclix on twitter gives 5 points. Sharing a video from dollarclix earns 5 points. And posting dollarclix payment proof on other websites offers 10 points reward. Additionally, new tasks may appear from time to time.
  2. Adgatemedia tasks: Adgatemedia offers different micro tasks for 1 to 2 points each.
  3. Offerwall Ads Quizzes: Complete short quizzes here for less than a point. Some users like to complete them irrespective of their low pay rate.

Doer Review On Dollarclix Micro Tasks

Not the most paying option but you can consider doing them for fun. These micro tasks still pay well than PTC ads on ptc websites.

Paid To Click On Dollarclix

Dollarclix is not a ptc website by any means but there are a few earning options here that resemble paid to click sites.

Takes members to a third party website Here, members have to allow popups from that website to receive popup ads. I haven’t seen any active offers here recently so can’t comment on this.

Offerdaddy Page Views:

Offerdaddy pays dollarclix member 0.3 points for viewing 10 web pages. You have to view each page for at least 5 seconds. This pay rate simply s*cks.

Nightfall News:

Nightfall news is under “voting quiz unlimited” sub menu and “morequiztime” in offer walls tab. Well, Dollarclix is a little unorganized like that. If you were disappointed by offerdaddy page view pay rate , you would definitely go crazy after hearing this.

You need to View 40 web pages for 10 seconds each minimum. The 10 second timer would only begin after you click on next button. The pages load slowly so it takes time to find and click the timer.

I have tested it out for my readers. In reality, you would be viewing each page for approximately 30 seconds. This translates into a view time of 20 minutes. After all, what do you get after viewing 40 pages for 20 minutes? 0.162 points or 0.00162 $.

Do I even need to say anything here?

Doer Review For PTC On Dollarclix

I don’t recommend PTC feature in dollarclix. Because, pay rate here is pathetic and i cannot understand how users would be interested in earning $0.00162 for spending 20 minutes viewing pages.

Offers On Dollarclix

Let me tell you straight off the bat, all of these offers are not free. Many offers here reward users for spending on apps or software. But legitimate free to take offers can be found for rewards here.

Offers are the 2nd most high paying earning option on any GPT site. I have to admit dollarclix has done a great job implementing a wide selection of offer platform for its members.

But it is a little unorganized in terms of options for earners as i mentioned above.

If you are interested in buying any of the apps or software offered through dollarclix offer platforms, you should definitely use this platform. You get cashback rewards in points for buying through dollarclix.

List Of Offers

  1. Adwall Offers: This platform offers members reward points for shopping, installing free and paid games and software.
  2. HangmyAds: A mobile based offers platform for micro earners.
  3. Wallads Offers: Wallads is just like Adwall
  4. Offrtoro Offers: Offertoro has game install reward points for mobile users and crypto gambling balance offers for member here. Some antivirus programs are also promoted here for reward points. There are some quizzes and search related rewards too here.
  5. OfferwallAds: A collection of many other offerwalls.
  6. Revenue Universe: has many offers for mobile users from vpn to antivirus. Revenue universe offers prizes to offer takers through lucky draws from time to time.
  7. Adgem: Fitness and workout offers for users. Also, different crypto currency casino offers and subscription offers are there. So select the ones you are interested in.

Review For Dollarclix Offer Rewards

Dollarclix has a good selection of free to take reward offers and easily gets placed on the recommended list. I haven’t seen many free to take offers on other platforms.

Referral Rewards

One of the most attractive ways to earn something passive from these GPT websites is referral rewards from these websites.

Here, the potential to earn is very promising if you know how to promote GPT websites.

Dollarclix offers 20% commission on referral earnings to its members. This is a generous commission unlike swagbucks which offers only 10% commission.

There is also a level 2 referral commission of 10% mentioned on the FAQ pages but it is not confirmed by me yet. I’ll update the page as soon as i verify this.

Regardless of this, 20% is more than enough to encourage members to promote their affiliate links.

Doer Review For Dollarclix Referral Program

Easily passes this test.

Earning Potential And Payout Options

For a micro earner, earning potential of any GPT website decided whether they stick with the website or not. Surveys and offer rewards are two of the most paying earning options on dollarclix.

Unfortunately, the geographical location of the micro earner plays a big role in how much they can earn on dollarclix. For users from top tier countries like US, UK etc,the earning potential is about a few dollars a day.

But for users from rest of the world, they may find it difficult to get to 1$ a day from dollarcix.

Luckily, the referral earrings offer everyone the same commission to everyone. So, you can opt this route if you have the guts to promote.

GPT Sites Like Dollarclix

You can look for these GPT sites if dollarcix doesn’t fit the ill;

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Timebucks
  3. Offernation
  4. Rewardingways
  5. GetPaid

See PTC Websites Post for complete info.

Payout Options In Dollarcix

Dollarclix offers a variety of payout options to its members. These are all the options;

  1. Prepaid Mastercard: Oblu member from specific countries are eligible for payout through this option. Supported countries are DE/FI/BE/PT/LT/LU/LV/BL/FR/MC/SK/SM/IE/GF/EE/AD/MT/VA/GR/IT/ES/TF/AT/CY/PM/NL. A minimum of 5$ must be earned for cash out through prepaid master card. No fees are deducted.
  2. Amazon Gift Card: This available to users from CA/CN/DE/ES/FR/IT/JP/UK. Minimum payout here is same 5 $. No fees.
  3. Tango Card: Minimum payout amount is 5 $ with no fees.
  4. Tesco: For UK members, this is 10 GBP in value
  5. Payoneer: Minimum cash out here is 50 $ with 2 $ deducted in fees. This payout method is available to worldwide users.
  6. Other Shopping Credits: Dollarclix offers payout as a credit in some shopping websites like Flipkart, Big Bazaar, Shoppers Stop. The minimum payout for this is 8 $ with no fees.

Doer Verdict

I have mixed thoughts on this.

Dollarclix Offers many diverse ways to cash out the points earned on the website.

But earnings can be difficult to cash out of if you don’t belong to countries supported by gift cards or virtual master card payment options.

The 50 $ minimum payout through Payoneer should be reduced to 10 $ in my opinion.

Concluding Dollarclix Review

Dollarclix has been around for some time and offers genuine micro earning opportunities to its members. But, earning something sizable is difficult for users from non top tier geographical location.

You can increase your earnings by utilizing the referral program.But you should know a little bit about marketing.

What do you think about dollarclix? Tell us and help other like you searching for earning opportunities online.

Leave your reviews in the comments please.

Swagbucks Review: Does It Have any Swag?

swagbucks review
Doer Rating

In this swagbucks review, we will try to answer the question if this rewards website is for you or not. See, swagbucks has been around forever and mostly the feedback is positive. But does it really offer any swag to you in particular?

Review it at the end of post if you are already a member of swagbucks.

Here on doerreviews, I review each product or service from a doer’s point of view. So this post may offer you something you haven’t read about elsewhere.

We are going to review swagbucks step by step covering each feature in detail. Here are the points we will be covering in this post.

  1. What is Swagbucks?
  2. Review of different earning options in swagbucks
  3. Is Swagbucks for you?
  4. How much can you make from Swagbucks?
  5. Tips and precautions in using Swagbucks.

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks serves two basic roles. It offers something to both advertisers and micro earners.

For advertisers, it is an advertising platform and serves a variety of clients. These clients include, survey platforms, gaming apps, different software (VPN, Fitness apps, etc) and shopping websites.

On the other hand, it offers its members rewards from completing different tasks, answering questions or buying memberships. Also, there are other opportunities for earning.

Swagbucks rewards in it’s own virtual currency called swagbucks. Currently 100 swagbucks equal 1$.

So it connects advertisers or opportunities to the users or members.

Here is a little graphic example of how Swagbucks works;

swagbucks review detail

Who Owns Swagucks?

Swagbucks website is owned by Prodege LLC. Prodege owns many other rewards sites like swagbucks. A popular name for micro earners is ysense.

How To Earn Rewards In Swagbucks

Swagbucks offers seven different rewards options. You can choose whatever you are interested in from below mentioned features.

I have reviewed each of them from an earner’s point of view so you can see if it works for you or not.

swagbucks earning featurs
doerreiews swagbucks review

Swagbutton Review

Swagbutton refers to the swagbucks extension. This button earns rewards for swagbucks members.

When you install swagbutton, you will get notified of cash back opportunities whenever you are shopping online on your favorite stores like amazon etc. Swagbucks offers rewards for shopping on more than 140 online shopping platforms.

Swagbuttons makes it easy for you to automatically know if there is swagbucks rewards you can earn by shopping for something you are already buying.

Doer Verdict On Swagbutton

Swagbutton brings ease of use for online shoppers looking for savings or cashbacks.

Swagbucks Answer Tab Review

Don’t worry, you are not being held answerable for your sins here.

Swagbucks answer tab is really about rewards for your opinions. Appen tasks are an exception as they require some mental effort.

So, if like being virtually interviewed, you are going to like this earning option. Here are a few options in this tab

Gold surveys

Answer survey questions and get rewarded with swagbucks by completing surveys here.

Gold surveys is a survey provider platform and websites like swagbucks utilize it for user engagement. Swagbucks seems to be one of the very few gpt websites to partner with them. As, I haven’t found gold surveys tab on many gpt websites.

Peanut Labs surveys

Not a new name for survey takers, peanut labs offers survey opportunities. But like in the name pay rate is peanuts in size.

Swagbucks Daily Poll

Earn 1 swagbuck daily in this poll by choosing an answer from given options. Questions here are really simple.

This also encourages users to login daily and see what today’s poll is all about. You can also see the poll results after you have answered the poll.

Appen Tasks Integration

Swagbucks integrates appen tasks under answer tab.

What is appen?

Appen is a crowd sourcing platform. Which means, they employ online users human intelligence to complete bulk micro tasks.

How Does Appen work?

Appen takes a big task that can be repetitive and divides that into hundreds or even thousands of micro tasks. It pays its users for completing these micro tasks.

Here is an example of the beginner level task tasks,

Find a person’s designation in present company structure. Here, finding each person’s designation can be a micro task. And it can be assigned to an individual user.

Appen Skill Level And Pay Rate

Appen assigns different skill level to its users. Skill level is based on accuracy and experience of micro workers.

New members get a default skill level of 1. Payout for level 1 tasks here is mostly only 0.01$ or 1 swagbuck. Sometimes level 1 workers can also get tasks paying up to 0.07$ or 7 swagbucks but this is very rare.

As you continue working on these tasks with accuracy, your skill level increases.

There are three skill levels and workers with level 3 get much better paying tasks. To get to level 3, you have to be very accurate (85 % accuracy) in your responses.

Also you have to complete at least 100 test questions with at least 5 different types of tasks on appen. Beginners don’t get enough tasks so you have to wait for sometime before you have answered 100 test questions to qualify for level upgrade.

skilled workers almost never run out of micro tasks to complete while beginner users seem to always run out of tasks to do.

Doer Verdict For Swagbucks Answer Tab

Answer tab offers genuine small time earning opportunities for swagbucks members. Surveys can be fun to take and you don’t feel like you have done any work at all.

However, you should not expect more than a few dollars a day at max from these survey opportunities. If you are not from top tier countries like USA, UK etc, then you have to concentrate more on appen tasks.

If you work and upgrade your skill level on appen, you can earn 5 to 10$ a day from 3 to 4 hours of focused effort. So pay rate is definitely low here.

Appen works best for students who have their brain juices flowing and can focus for longer duration of times. Might work for you if you are nerd and have a lot of reserve nervous energy. Put it to good use here.

Surveys are great for earning small rewards just for your opinions.

Swagbucks Discover Tab Review

Discover tab in swagbucks is not about earning. It is all about saving.

Suppose, you are interested in an app and want to buy the paid subscription for that app. You should always lookup swagbucks first to see if swagbucks offers any cashbacks for buying on the app.

Swagbucks offers different types of offers to its members.

There are free offers where advertiser of an app or software offers swagbucks just for trying their program.

Their is content discovery offers, Paid signups for vpn’s as well as cash backs offers on shopping.

Offewalls From Swagbucks

Offerwalls like Adgem, Adcend Media, etc are big names that promote different paid software and apps to users by enticing them. By default, if you are not interested in these offers, you should not waste your time here.

But if you have enough money and are interested n trying new things, hop in here and you can get great savings. You will get rewarded in swagbucks.

Grocery Coupons

Everyone buy grocery, right! well, now you can save on your bill by getting cashbacks through swagbucks coupon. Check if you live near a merchant where you can use swagbucks coupons.

Many cards also offer cashbacks but few offer cashbacks on grocery items. So, swagbucks coupons provide great chance to save money on your groceries.

Cashback From Online Shopping Websites

This is the biggest feature swagbucks is known for in online community. Swagbucks offers discounts for online shoppers on 140 different shopping platforms. Some big names include Amazon, Ebay, Best Buy etc.

Doer Verdict For Swagucks Discover Tab

Discover tab is for buyers and not for earners. There are legitimate saving options here.

You should always check swagbucks discover tab before buying paid subscription to see if there is any cashback offer available.

Also, you should use coupon codes from swagbucks whenever you can.

Search Through Swagbucks

Get rewarded for searching online by swagbucks. You just need to install swagbucks search extension in order to get rewards.

There is however a limit to how many searches you can get rewarded for.

Great little option for earning something simply to search online.

Swagbucks Play Tab

Play tab on swagbucks is basically for promotion for different games.

Swagbucks makes money through these games.

To get rewarded you have to play the game through swagbucks platform.

Rewards here don’t come cheap as you can only earn swagbucks if you spend money on in game purchases. Rewards rate is 10 swagbucks for every dollar spent during gameplay. This translates into a cashback of 10 %.

Doer Verdict For Play tab

This is neither an earning option nor a saving one. You have to spend 10$ to earn 1$ in reward.

Swagbucks Rewards Tab Review

From time to time, swagbucks offers additional rewards options for its members.

Recently, revenue universe, an offerwall partner of swagbucks announced giveaways of 350000 SB for swagbucks users in prizes.

Also, there are promotional amazon gift cards available from time to time on a decreased rate here. Usually, 1 swagbuck equals 0.01$ but for a limited time, swagbucks offers 5 pounds british gift card for 500 swagbucks.

Verdict For Swagbucks Rewards Tab

There are a lot of ifs and buts here. Users can easily miss out on reward gift cards if they don’t have enough swagbucks at the time.

Also offerwall partners only give prizes if you have completed the offers by spending some money.

Swagbeucks Referral Earnings

Swagbucks has an affiliate program for its members where they can earn 10 % commission on their referrals rewards for life.

This is enticing but i have seen many other rewards websites with muc higher commission offered on referral earning.

Even some of other websites owned by Prodege like ysense offer up to 30 % commission on refrral earnings.

Doer Verdict For Swagbucks Referral Program

Really disappointed here. Not much incentive for promoters compared to other similar websites.

You have gotta look at Timebucks referral program if you want to promote these kind of websites

Is Swagbucks For you?

No doubt, swagbucks is a legitimate rewards opportunity. But to determine if it is for you or not, You will have to look at how you intend to use swagbucks.

For Online Shoppers

Swagbucks is primarily a cashback site. So it is great for those looking for discounts on app upgrades or online shopping.

According to swagbucks, it offers discounts and cashbacks from 140 online shopping websites with big names like amazon etc included in the list.

For Survey Takers

Swagbucks does offer a wide range of survey platforms. And you can make a few bucks a day when you check for surveys daily.

But, surveys don’t offer consistent stream of cash. So you cannot make more than a few dollars a day at max through surveys. If you are looking to make more than that, it is not for you.

For Geeks

Appen tasks integration is great for students or geeks having brain juices to spare. You can upgrade to level 3 with some persistence. Then you will have steady micro tasks available to wok on. Top earners with most completed tasks earn prizes every week.

For Online Marketers

There is a 10 % referral commission on earnings of your referrals i.e. the member you have referred to the site. So, you can make some decent money if you are an online marketer.

Even if you refer only 1 user per day, after a year, you would have referred more than 300 referrals. The commission from their earnings can the pile up to some decent side cash with time.

Some Other GPT Sites Like Swagbucks

Look at some of these GPT sites for alternative if you are not comfortable with swagbucks for any reason;

  1. Offernation
  2. Rewardingways
  3. DollarClix
  4. Getpaid

How Much Can You Make From Swagbucks?

It depends on your individual use of the website. Most of the rewards options on swagbucks are through cashbacks. So they are savings not earnings.

There are two features to focus on if you want to earn something from swagbucks.

Surveys offer additional 5 to 10 $ to members from top tier countries. You should try you brain at appen tasks if you don’t belong to tier 1 countries.

Referral earnings are easily the best option to make a passive income from swagbucks. Through referral program, their is no limit on how much you can make on swagbucks.

But to get a decent amount of passive income, you will have to up your affiliate promotion efforts. On average, It is reasonable to expect 1 $ in referral earning commission on referral from top tier countries. Don’t expect anything more than $0.1 from rest of the world referrals.

Do look at this post for understanding how to make money from rewards websites.

Tips And Precautions

  1. Don’t cheat. No duplicate accounts should be used to make fake referrals. It never works and you will get banned from the website.
  2. Don’t spam! Swagbucks doesn’t like spammers. Who does?
  3. Be truthful in answering surveys. If you are not comfortable answering a specific question, select “prefer not to say option”. Surveys these days use algorithms to detect fake or wrong answers.
  4. Swagbucks pays members through gift cards. Keep this in mind while working on the site.


Swagbucks is mainly for saving money and not earning money. In fact, their tagline says exactly “put money back into your wallet”

So, you should not expect to make big money from swagbucks unless you are promoter and refer other users to the website.

For an internet marketer who can reach diverse users on the internet, you can definitely make some decent amount of side cash through this website.

Don’t forget to review swagbucks below as it helps new users make up their mind about swagbucks.

TimeBucks Review

Timebucks earning options review
Doer Rating

In this timebucks review, I have included a bit of something for everyone member or not. But first, begin your journey with timebucks if you haven’t joined yet.

Been a user of timebucks? Let us know what you think below in comments

Here, you ‘ll find traction to make the most of this earning opportunity.

We ‘ll look at these key points in this review.

  1. What Is TimeBucks?
  2. Timebucks website design
  3. Review of different earning ways from Timebucks
  4. Common micro earner’s questions about Timebucks
  5. What are other sites like Timbucks?

If you haven’t checked out this Survey sites income Guide, you are missing out!

Table of Contents

What Is TimeBucks?

A Drop Servicing Platform

Timebucks is an online drop servicing platform. Don’t fret i will explain.

Drop servicing refers to an online website or app that hires freelancers or workers for third party clients. They can also sell their users engagement services.

These websites keep a part of the payment from their clients as commission.

With timebucks, clients are mostly advertisers having offers or surveys to conduct. And freelancers are timebucks members.

So, it looks something like this,

timebucks review drop servicing

Timebucks has partnered up with many incentive based survey and offer provider companies. Hence, it provides the website users with a chance to earn small money or cash backs by completing different surveys or offers from a multitude of such companies.

Some of these companies or websites include offerwall, adgem, adscend, peanutlabs,

For the most part, Timebucks does not provide direct services and directs its users to the survey and offer companies, the user is interested in. They earn a portion of whatever the micro earner i.e. the user of timebucks earns.

Basically, timebucks provides the platform for these survey or offer companies to reach a wide user base. I hope it makes sense.

So, what do we call timebucks?. A get paid to website, a micro earning website or a survey website. It is ultimately your own choice.

Who Owns Timebucks

Timebucks does not provide any website owner company or individual name on their website or social pages. However it’s copyrights are reserved with Australian clearing pty limited. And the domain timebucks is registered since 2014. So it is 6 years old now as of 2020.

Timebucks Website Design

For any ptc or gpt websites user, the interest and activity in any earning website greatly depends upon two factors.

  • Usability of the website layout
  • Ease of use in website usage

Timebucks has a lot of options and button on their website. But, they have done pretty well in terms of design. The layout looks simple to the eyes. Yet, it covers all the different options and tabs timebucks has to offer.

Doer Verdict

Great website design for doers!

Different Earning Tabs In Timebucks

Timebucks has many micro earning websites embedded into it’s platform. So it offers diverse ways to it’s users for earning. Although the earning is not that much for the time consumed doing them.

Some users are utilizing the 2 tier referral earning system offered by timebucks and making something decent.

Let us take a look at all the diverse earning ways i could find on timebucks.

timebucks review ways to earn

Image property of

Timebucks Surveys Tab Review

Get paid for sharing your opinion through this tab. Timbucks provides ample opportunity of earning though surveys to its users. It supports a number of different market research platforms on their website’s survey tab.

Lets take a look at the survey provider platforms timebucks has partnered up with.

Theorem Reach

Theoremreach is one of the largest monetization solution for websites and apps. Timebucks knows it well as they have placed theorem reach on number 1 in their survey tab on the website.

Peanut Labs

Microworkers are well aware of peanut labs surveys as many get paid to websites have integrated them on their website. Peanut labs is another popular monetization solution for websites with users interested in making money online.

Opinion Capital

Opinion capital provides up to 10,000 surveys worldwide at all times according to their official website.

Revenue Wall

Another monetization platform providing surveys for users. Revenuewall favors dollarclix as their affiliate in providing survey opportunities. They even recommend it on their homepage for earners. But, timebucks works just as well.

Adscend Media

Adscend media is around for a long time. It has been providing monetization opportunities to different websites like timebucks since more than 12 years.


Surveytime offers $1 for each completed survey. Timebucks is affiliated with surveytime to provide its members with survey opportunities from this platform.


Your-surveys is currently only working with platforms like timebucks and like websites mentioned above, provide monetization for user’s opinions.

IRAAS Router

like in the name IRAAS router routes survey opportunities though different affiliate websites like timebucks to users interested in earning from surveys.

Yuno Survey Router

Like IRAAS router, yuno survey router also provides publishers like timebucks with survey opportunities for its members.

Tap Research

Tap research is not available to new timebucks members. Once you have completed one payout from timebucks, it becomes visible in the survey tab.

Timebuck Daily Poll

Timebucks is doing great as a business.

So they have now started to offer daily poll for its members and reward them with $0.005 for a simple question.

This, in my opinion (since we are talking about opinion rewards here) can be the indication of timebucks’s interest in starting their own survey platform.


  1. I have taken a comparative look at other drop servicing companies like Swagbucks, Offerntion, Rewarding ways and dollarclix. Timbucks provides same or more survey platforms to its users. So it wins this round easily.
  2. The website guides users about the best surveys available on the website. It even sends email alerts to its members whenever a new survey is available on the website.
  3. Timebucks has deployed it’s own pre screening survey to exclude spammy members from survey tabs altogether.


  1. The survey opportunities provided on timebucks usually pay way less than a dollar for each completed survey. It is the same with most drop servicing companies. These surveys can sometimes be as long as 40 minutes to complete.

So the pay is definitely low and you need to complete the pre qualifying survey before the actual survey begins like any other survey. If you don’t qualify, your time is wasted. But, it is common with all survey providers.

Doer Verdict For Timebucks Survey Tab

Survey tab of timebucks provides ample opportunities to its members for getting rewarded for their opinion.

Hence, it passes this part of the review with flying colors.

Next up in this timebucks review is,

Timebucks Tasks Tab Review

Unlike other ptc or gpt sites, timebucks has introduced a unique tasks tab. Here, users can become advertisers with ease. In brief, you can get almost anything related to online marketing done on a micro level.

Let’s review it from both advertisers and micro earners point of view.

For Advertisers

With timebucks tasks tab, you don’t need to be a big marketer with deep pockets to advertise your content. Promote any content like a blog, youtube channel or social media page with ease.

Get thousands of facebook likes and shares just with 5 to 10$ budget.

So, many options for small marketers are here e.g,

Social Media Subscription

Now with timebucks, get subscription to any social media page for cheap. Or offer timebucks members to engage with you on Facebook, YouTube, twitter or Instagram. Prices are crazy low so you can grow viral easily here.

Social Media Engage

It is one thing to get subscribers, but they may not view or share your posts or videos. Pay timebucks members to view and share your content on social media platforms.

Again, it is very cheap and you get great value for money here.

Web-page Engage:

If you have a web page and need to promote it or improve its ranking, you can do so now with ease and without spending a small fortune. Offer anything you would like timebucks members to do for a very small amount per engagement.

Rate Or Vote:

Need people to rate or vote for your app or post or page?timebucks has got your back. As with above two options, here also, the rates are low and you can get your content rated or voted easily.


You might need someone to review your product, app, page or post if you are into affiliate marketing. You can do so easily by adding a review task in timebucks.

Use Article Writing Service

Sometimes, you are stuck with something important in your life or lazy as hell like me. In such times, you should utilize tasks tab of timebucks.

Get the members of the website write an article for you for a very affordable price.

Use Video Service

Some of us are camera shy and don’t want our face all over the internet.

Common reason for this include,

  1. You don’t think you are pretty (I strongly disagree with this).
  2. You have poor English speaking and need a video for English audience.

In short, whatever the reason maybe, don’t worry. You can assign timebucks members this task and they will oblige.

Again, the rates are very affordable.


Have you built a website or an app, maybe you are a developer and have made a game app, before you go live, you need to test it by real users. Look no further as you can achieve this easily with timebucks tasks tab.

Website Signups:

Have you selected and joined best ptc websites or any other free to join gpt website? Are you interested in promoting them? you can now do so easily with timebucks website signups option in offers tab. It would definitely increase your referral earnings on other free gpt sites.

App Install:

Yes, you guessed it right, you can increase your app’s reach for pennies on dollar using timebucks tasks tab.


Think of anything that is free to do and you can get it done here. I believe, timebucks does not support adult content and corresponding advertisements. Otherwise, you can get creative about what you need done and it will be delivered.

For Micro Earners

Timebucks members utilize tasks tab of timebucks and find interesting opportunities to earn something for what they already love doing without incentive.

This includes many options. From joining other free to join make money websites to surfing different blogs and reading articles. From exploring other people’s social media pages to installing new fun apps.

Some may even try their hand at article writing before hitting it big time at websites like freelancers, fiver or people per hour. All in all, micro earners can grow and earn at the same time by utilizing the tasks tab on timebucks.

Doer Verdict For Timebucks Tasks Tab

Timebucks has made it simple for anyone to get their marketing needs met at micro level. Also, the users of timebucks get an extra income opportunity while doing something they already do.

So the tasks tab of timebucks gets a solid yes from me.

Timebucks Paid Signups Tab Review

Timebucks has a dedicated paid signups tab for earning. The reason for this being, the number of members interested in increasing referrals in free to join income opportunities by far exceeds members with other interests.

I have already explained the benefits and process of paid signups in tasks tab review above. Timebucks has a process for approving signups i.e.

  1. Advertisers submit their signup campaigns along with the signup rate to timebucks.
  2. Timebucks approves and adds it to the list of available signups.
  3. Interested users signup to the programs they prefer.
  4. Users submit their signup proof using the submission button.
  5. If advertiser approves (advertiser has 4 days to approve your signup), the user gets credited.
  6. If advertiser disapproves, user can open a dispute using disputes button.
  7. The dispute is resolved and the user is paid.

Doer Verdict For Timebucks Paid Signup Tab

Adding dispute button right infront of the signup section is something I haven’t seen from any other micro earning website.

So timebucks easily passes the test and gets a resounding yes.

Timebucks Ladder Tab Review

When it comes to micro earning websites, encouraging the users stay engaged is mandatory. Timebucks utilizes competitive instinct of its members and offers prizes for top performers.

Remember, it is not only users that get benefit from this increased activity. Timebucks earns more only if their users earn more.

I have already explained drop servicing above.

There are two types of competitive prizes in ladder tab.

User Earning Ladder

Top earner in timebucks gets a bonus prize of 20 $ ever day. Top 5 earners earn a total of 39 $ everyday in total.

This is a great way to increase members interest and retain daily activities from active members.

cut off time for daily competition can vary greatly for you depending upon your location, so timebucks shows remaining time in prize calculation for each day in user earning ladder tab.

Referral Ladder

To grow its community and earnings faster, timebucks offers prizes for users whose referrals earn them more every week.

Referral earning from referrals of that week are calculated for prizes.

User with most referral earnings earns a bonus of $100 every week. A total of $185 are awarded to top 5 users.

As with user earning ladder, time remaining till calculation of next prize is mentioned in referral ladder.

Doer Verdict For Timebucks Referral Tab

Very few gpt websites are rewarding their members for earning more for themselves. Timebucks reward system is unique and the name ladder perfectly fits the type of competition among members.

So, yes, timebucks passes this part of the review as well.

Timebucks Links Tab Review

Timebucks has a very unique tab under earning section of the website called links tab. Here members can generate links from timebucks by inputting any url they like. They are paid to promote these links on social meida, whatsapp etc.

It is like timebucks is promoting their own link shorten-er or link re directer. Honestly, i don’t know how timebucks has figured out to make money from this technique but knowing them well, anything is possible.

Timebucks pays anywhere from $0.001 to $0.006 per click depending on the location of clicker.

Doer Verdict On Timebucks Links Tab

I am quite amazed at how timbucks team is finding new and interesting ways to make an income for themselves and for their members.

Timebucks Content Tab Review

Content tab in Timebucks earning dashboard simply contains all the earning options related to content promotion

We have to look at each earning option from both advertisers and earners point of view to give a final verdict.

For Advertisers

Look, It is difficult to make a start for any content creator in the current digital world. Nearly 2 million blog posts are published every single day.

Consequently, if you don’t have a strong social media presence or don’t have a lot of friends in online marketing world, it can be a lonely place.

Timebucks offers simple yet effective micro marketing tools for very affordable prices to starter content creators.

Clicks: Like ptc websites, advertisers here get page views for any blog page. Although, they don’t support adult content. Depending upon the duration of visit required, rates vary from $0.001 to $0.004 per click

You ‘ll need a web page in make money niche if you are looking for conversions as most users here are only interested in money making options

For Micro Earners

There are many, currently 9 ways to make some micro cash from timebucks

  1. Clicks: Just like PTC websites, nothing more to say here.
  2. Slideshows:Watch 7 slides for $0.001. I don’t recommend this.
  3. Cpatcha:Enter 15 correct captchas for $0.003 Only use this if you are a keyboard wizard.
  4. Nightfall News:Diverts members to external website. Here you can earn 0.0025 for watching 40 slides for 10 seconds each. Even for the standards of ptc sites, this pay rate is pathetic. Not Recommended at all.
  5. Engage:Also called engaged hits, here you can earn $0.001 for viewing each video. Very low pay so timebucks has increased its rate to $0.005 to increase members interest. I am not impressed by this option.
  6. Push Clicks:Users need to go to a third party website and allow notifications for browser. Earnings are $0.001 to $0.002 per ad. This may be for you if you spend most of your day in front of a computer.
  7. Search:Earn $ 0.001 for searching through timebucks search tab. Maximum of 3 search queries allowed in a day. Also, not more than one query in 30 minutes. Don’t bother.
  8. Upload: upload different YouTube Videos as per timebucks rquirment. Video title, thumbnail and description needs to match the instructions provided by timebucks. Pay varies for each video. Good option for member active on YouTube.
  9. Videos:watch videos (mainly videos here are about timebucks) and earn 0.001 $ for watching for at least 60 seconds. Not recommended!

Doer Verdict For Timebucks Content Tab

Advertisers can get their pages viewed just like ptc sites. But you can get this done on any ptc website.

For earners, most options on content tab offer very little pay rate for time consumed even for the standards of micro earners.

So this tab does not pass the review.

Timebucks Offerwalls Tab Review

Offerwalls is a collection of cash back and incentivized offers from a multitude of different platforms timebucks has affiliated with.

Here are the all the supported offerwall platforms

  1. adgem
  2. ayetstudios
  3. hang ads
  5. adscend media
  6. adgate media
  7. offertoro
  8. wannads
  9. adworkmedia
  10. revenue universe
  11. acorn
  12. aliexpress cash back

All of these platforms offer rewards and cash backs for paid subscription or up gradation on different apps and websites. So these are not earning options. This should be called savings instead.

doer Verdict For Timebucks Offerwalls Tab

Not a real earning option, so dear micro earners, don’t bother!

Timebucks Sweepstakes Tab Review

Timebucks offers weekly sweep stake prizes amounting to $500 in total.

There are different prizes for 30 lucky winners. First prize is $250. Sweepstakes entries are earned by logging in daily (100 entries), completing tasks, and referring other users to the website (200 entries).

But the main highlight is sweepstakes software timebucs is offering. You can earn 100 entries every 10 minutes by running this software.

Basically, timebucks is promoting its sweepstakes software through this tab.

Users should definitely be active on timebucks to earn entries for sweepstakes prizes. Although installing the software gives you exponentially increasing number of entries and raises your chances of winning a prize but i don’t recommend it.

Many users have complained about the lag in pc performance after installing the software. Some users are concerned about the privacy of their internet activities.

Doer’s Verdict For Sweepstakes Tab

Sweepstakes prizes are an excellent way to earn a prize while doing other micro tasks on timebucks.

Timebucks Premium Membership Review

Upgrade to timebucks premium and you can earn 25 % more for every earning task you do. Premium costs $4.95 every week.

Members who are earning more than $20 per week just by their activity can benefit from this premium membership greatly. But it is not for everyone.

Doer Verdict For Premium Membership

Only upgrade if you are already earning more than $3 a day from the site.

Timebucks Refer Tab Review

Timebucks offers 3 ways to earn by referring other users to the site.

Referral Earnings:

Referral program here offers 15 % commission on the earnings of your referred embers and a further 5 % commission on earnings on your referral’s referrals.


Roll is an instant free lucky draw. To be eligible you have to Refer at least 2 active members in the last week who have earned more than $0.1 for themselves. Members earn different prizes ranging from $0.002 to $50 every hour by rolling

Also, members get 50 % of their referrals winning.

So timebucks is providing all the encouragement one needs promote their membership program.

Job Listing:

Use free job listing websites to your advantage. Post job as a part time research worker required and put your email or phone number in the contact details.

Whenever someone contacts you, send the an email with your referral link and ask them to join timebucks.

Timebucks will pay you $1 for completing this job listing and you ‘ll get a consistent flow of referrals for timebucks.

Doer Verdict For Timebucks Refer tab

I have not seen any GPT site with so many rewards just for bringing new member onboard.

Definitely Recommend.

Timebucks Tiktok Tab

Tiktok tab allows users with tiktok accounts to promote their account to timebucks members. Earners can earn from activities like watching tiktok videos to following advertisers on tiktok.

Currently tiktok is not enable on timebucks due to some issues.

Nothing much to say here

Common Microearner’s Questions About Timebucks

Let’s take a look at some common questions that come to micro earner’s about timebucks.

  1. Is Timebucks legitimate?
  2. How much can i earn from Timebucks?
  3. How to avoid being suspended from Timebucks?

Is Timebucks Legitimate?

Timebucks has been around for more than 5 years and paying its members without fail.

Unlik many rogue ptc or gpt websits, the compensation structure of timebucks ensures timebucks is never in loss. So, this website earns more if its users earn more.

To answer in short, yes, timebucks is definitely legitimate.

How Much Can I Earn From Timebucks?

Short answer to this is, it depends on your Geo location and promotion efforts..

Yes, i know, it can be frustrating. I’ll explain.

Earning Potential For Top Tier Countries

If you are from US, UK, or any other top tier countries, you can earn many times more than users from the rest of the world.

On average you may be able to earn up to $5 daily from the website.

Timebucks itself clearly states that surveys offer 50 times more earning opportunities than any other task on the site. So, major earnings come from surveys. Most new survey opportunities are only open to the members from top tier countries only.

Promoting TimeBucks

No matter where you reside, you can earn a decent income from timebucks if you know how to promote the website.

If new users are joining under you and are active, your earning potential is endless.

A little optimistic i know, but you can promote it using free resources. With a little persistence, you can even have a full fledged income stream from this website.

Here, your referrals are the team that work to earn for you. The biggest advantage to this earning route is that you can earn from the referrals of your referrals.

Over time, you should get to hundreds of active referrals.

How To Avoid Being Suspended From Timebucks?

All of your hard work would be for nothing if you get suspended from timebucks. Here are some suggestions to avoid this pitfall.

  1. Don’t abuse or disrespect other members in website forums.
  2. Don’t use spammy marketing methods to promote your referral link. Timebucks doesn’t like traffic coming from traffic exchanges or bots.
  3. Use a blog page as a landing page if you have to advertise on traffic exchanges or popup ads.
  4. Be truthful in your answers to different surveys. Timebucks offers screening surveys from
  5. time to time to filter out fraudulent responses.

What Are Other Sites Like Timebucks?

Best alternative to timebucks is dollarclix. There are many gpt sites like timebucks but a few offer two level referral commission to their members.

Dollar clix offers 20 % on level 1 referrals earnings and 10 % on level 2 referrals. Some other websites worth your time include;

  1. Ysense
  2. Swagbucks
  3. Offernation
  4. Rewardingways


Timebucks offers great earning option to users interested in micro earning websites. Although, there are many websites offering same services but timebucks has some unique features. Some of these unique features are ladder, roll and sweepstakes.

Timebucks is a great place to start, if you want to start with affiliate marketing for earning an income online.

If you had a similar experience or a different one, please write below. Thanks.

Neobux Review. Old Is Gold? Maybe Not So!

neobux review
Doer Rating

Welcome Fellow Doers!

This Neobux Review is going to cover the most searched for questions relating to neobux ptc site, ad clicking, surveys, mini tasks, referrals everything!

If you want to rate neobux, do so below in comments!

On you will find reviews with a twist. All reviewed products and services have a doer rating i.e how much is it doable?

I have worked on neobux couple of times in the past and have first hand experience of how it goes for free members and for golden members on neobux. So stay tuned if you have any questions relating Neobux.

If you are on this page, chances are you have been to neobux and have invested some time and energy into building an online income stream from this ptc website. And 99 % chance is that you have failed miserably as i expect! right!

If you have not been to neobux, i suggest you read this first. Let me explain step by step how an income stream from ptc websites is generated and how neobux doesn’t fit the bill. First Part of the Neobux review would be

Ways To Earn From Neobux

Who are we kidding here? Everyone knows the only real way to make money from PTC websites is to have referrals, direct referrals. Your own daily ad clicking work is not going to earn you more than a single penny per day on most of the ptc websites neobux included.

Surveys have some potential for users from top tier countries. But after a few days, there is not enough potential as survey opportunities dry out after the initial surveys. Most survey companies only provide 1 survey per user.

Next in this neobux review is

Minijob Dash Board

You all know too well, how lazy we (ptc website users) are 😆 . Yet ptc websites know that we need money so bad. They incorporate a low paying mini task dashboard in websites. But less than 2 % of ptc users perform these tasks and earn any significant money.

I also tried to do mini tasks once for a couple of days and got a severe headache after earning 6 $. I had to take painkillers costing 2 $ to relieve the headache. So, you know how it works!

Tell me in the comments if you have also tried such feat.

Let’s dig deep in memberships in Neobux

Memberships In Neobux

We, the users of ptc websites don’t have enough cash to invest. This is the primary reason we joined a ptc website in the first place right!

Neobux has so much appeal for new users that they are willing to invest money along with their time and energy.Neobux offers its users golden membership at 90 $ annually.

Take a quick look at what gold membership offers users like you and me in neobux.

 Your ClicksYour ClicksCommission From DRCommission From DRCommission From RRCommission From RR
Standard MembersGolden MembersStandard MembersGolden MembersStandard MembersGolden Members
Extended Ads0.0150.020.0050.01000.01000.0200
Standard Ads0.0100.0100.0050.01000.00500.0100
Fixed Ads0.0010.010.00050.00500.00500.0100

After gold membership there are special upgrade packs allowing you the privilege to spend more(rent more referrals).

Let’s now take a look at the real earning potential point of Neobux. which brings us to our next subject in this Neobux review, Referrals!

Referrals Section

Here is how it goes in neobux regarding direct referrals

Direct Referrals

Lo and behold, you cannot have direct referrals in neobux right after signing up. Yes, That’s right! You have to wait 15 days before you can have any direct referrals.

And there is a limit of maximum 30 referrals for free members. WTH you may wonder. The number of direct referrals free member can have increases by 1 every 4 days after the initial 30 days of registration. But this gets a big no from me.

Most of the experienced ptc site users know that the only guaranteed method of earning from neobux or any other ptc site for that matter is through direct referrals.Putting a limitation on direct referrals is criminal affiliate ethics in my view.

Also Neobux has now added an additional term of service to their terms. You Cannot use paid to signup offers

I don’t know what they mean by that. You cannot make neobux referrals from paid to signup offers or cannot advertise on nebux using paid to signup offers or worse both. But it s*cks anyway.

If you upgrade to golden membership and buy ultimate pack, it would give you the chance to have unlimited direct referrals. But it would cost you a hefty 1 grand annually.

Can you invest this kind of money in a website proven to fail for most of it’s users? Apparently many do upgrade!

Even if you buy ultimate pack with golden upgrade, and try to promote your referral link with all the zest. You are never going to make any profit. Why?

neobux review referrals
original Photo by Mantas Hesthaven on Unsplash
  1. The referrals you referred to neobux are going to get bored with the unfair system designed to rip user’s money.
  2. They are not likely going to spend 1 grand to be where you are to have any chance to make money and won’t stick in the long run.
  3. You referred real people, not robots to this site. They have common sense and not going to stick around using neobux after a few days, a few weeks max.

Next up in this neobux review is the dreaded rented referral system.

Rented Referrals in Neobux Review

This is a big b***sh*t by most PTC sites. For lazy users who cannot promote their referral link and have direct referrals, rented referral option is included in these site including neobux.

You can rent referrals for specific time period and have to pay the site for renting them. Basically, After renting those users, PTC sites make money from those referrals whether they click or not. Now you the investor have to pray they click.

Some Sites do have a good performing rented referrals system, but most of them s*ck. Now coming to neobux, what do you think, yes it s*cks big time.

Users with free account can’t even rent more than 30 referrals. The upgraded members can rent more. But the cost of buying rented referrals and the cost of renewing them and the cost of membership make it impossible to generate any profit. Neobux is in profit all the time when you are not in profit. It is not like if you do’t make profit, they lose anything.

I have heard many horror stories on different forums of investment gone wrong in Neobux. Google it if you don’t believe me. I myself have wasted time and effort in Neobux. It never ceases to amaze me how many users still promote it hoping to make a profit.

Wake up people! Wake up.

We are going to look at the forums section now in this Neobux review


Suppose you have invested some money and upgraded your account. even rented some referrals. Now you are running into rented referrals low click average issues. Trust me you are going to run into these issues a lot!

You think you can go to their forum and ask admin for help or solution. Or even ask fellow members for some tips. Guess what? fellow members have the same problems as you. Also you will find there is a restriction to post anything that can cause a bad rep for the website. So you cannot rant about how you are losing money.

  • That’s right! You cannot speak your mind here.

You will find many golden members with premium packs posting their stats here only to find they are losing money. They must hate it. But the twist is they cannot complain clearly in their posts. That is against the forum rules. They can only show you their stats and they are doing it.

What do you think they mean to say by sharing those negative net profit stats.

You have been ripped. Now make your peace with it!

Let us discuss the neobux pros in this review

The Pros

There are a few plus points too for users on Neobux. Fisrt one being

Advertisement Advantage

OK I have got to admit, Neobux is a great place to advertise for marketers in make money, get rich quick niche.

After all, the site users who are here to make money are like natural leads for such advertised offers. Some of the users are even ready to buy premium membership in hopes of making money, so they may even try other products advertised here right!

Also as Neobux is the oldest PTC site, PTC users of other less known PTC sites can promote their referral links here. Interested users would join the new PTC sites becoming their referrals.

Advertising is the one of the two plus points of Neobux. The other one, you may ask is

Timely payout

Neobux has always paid it’s members on time and i have never heard of any complaints regarding payouts. The part of the reason why this has never been a problem maybe that their system ensures site is always in multi fold profit.

Whatever the case maybe, it is a big plus point of neobux. Payout issues have been the majority of problems for most fraudulent PTC sites. It is not an issue for Neobux. Now we can conlude this Neobux review!

Concluding Neobux Review

This Neobux review is written after extensively researching the subject but it is my personal opinion nonetheless. You need to make up your own opinion.

  • In fact You should comment and share your experience with Neobux in the Comment section of the post.

Neobux is a very old PTC site and they have built the domain authority through the years. So there is a steady flow of organic traffic to the website.

They used to be a good place for investors and average PTC site users in the beginning. As the time passed and they had a strong business going, i think, the greed took over. They started ripping people off by inflating membership prices and adding restrictions to referral limit for free users.

Because it is so expensive to invest in Neobux and unfortunately we as community think expensive means authentic. Still, Today people believe it has got to have a great ROI (return of Investment). Unfortunately, it is not so.

Neobux will keep cashing in on ordinary joes like you and me as i personally don’t think they want to continue the business. They have earned enough and want to earn big before finally users leave the site for good.


If you have read through the post, you might be wondering if any PTC site lives up to the promise of making money.

You can Checkout best PTC sites i have found after extensive research on the subject.

Share Your experiences

Ever been to Neobux and used the site, share your experiences in the comments below for everyone to know more about this site.

Maybe you had a positive experience or maybe a dreaded one!

Also share if you like the post. Thanks!

Best PTC Sites! To Invest Your Time In

best ptc websites

PTC sites have always been a fishy subject in online earning community.

Did you ever come across these websites that claim their users just get paid for clicking? You may have wondered how that is possible. And when joined, you found out it were just pennies you would get.

But now some of the best PTC websites have evolved since then and there are multiple ways to earn from them.

You maybe wondering!

  • Can you really make decent side cash using these PTC sites?
  • Can you make a passive income stream from these so called best PTC websites?

Well stay tuned, cause i will discuss these question in great detail here.

OK, first things first, here is some quick information about legitimate a.k.a legit PTC websites. Here you can get paid for clicking. This Table lists some of the Legitimate PTC websites that are genuine and paying their member for years. Read on to get the complete picture below,

PTC WebsiteOffersMinimum CashoutPayment MethodsREFERRAL EARNING
Time BucksOffers,Tasks,Surveys10$Payeer,Bitcoin,Skrill,Tangoupto 100 precent
SwagBucksOffers, Questions, Tasks,Surveys5$Gift Cards, Paypal10 %
YsenseSurveys, Offers,Minijobs5$Payoneer, Paypal, Skrillupto 30 percent
RewardingwaysSurvey,Offers1$Paypal,Skrill,Bitcoin25 percent
Offer NationSurvey,Offers1$Paypal,Skrill,Bitcoin25 percent
Get PaidSurvey,Offers1$pefectmoney,webmoney,bitcoin20 percent
BTC ClicksAds1 mbtcBitcoin75 percent
Dollar ClixOffers,SurveysFrom 5$Tango,Tesco,Visa, Payoneer,20 percent
Scarlet ClicksAds, Offers2$Skrill,Neteller,AirTM,Payeer,SolidtrustPaupto 100%

Now that That is out of the way, here is what i think of PTC websites.

Overview Of Best PTC Sites

PTC websites, combined, are multi million dollar businesses running online since more than a couple of decades now. In fact some of the old ones have been paying millions of dollars to its members throughout years.

The promise is that users get paid by clicking ads and completing some online offers. They are legitimate business and definitely not spam. But earning potential for ordinary users is definitely slim. More on that below!

In this post, i shall try to answer the question of earning money from PTC websites, Mini job, Surveys or GPT sites in great detail. You can decide for yourself how much you can get paid for clicking on these sites.

No Investment Required For PTC Websites

Well, the difference between PTC websites and other affiliate MLM programs is that you don’t have to invest anything to start. Here you can get paid by clicking ads and doing some random tasks here and there.

Also, you can choose from them and promote the best PTC websites to increase your income.

If you have been looking to join these sites as a side income or even a full time income, there is a step by step guide to make money from these type of websites that you can get by signing up for my emails( I am not going to annoy you).

It really works if you are willing to put in the effort. Also be sure to bookmark as this page shall be updated with a list of Best PTC websites periodically.

You can expect answers to the following common questions relating to PTC and GPT sites.

  • What are PTC sites?
  • Is it really possible to make passive income from Best PTC websites?
  • How can i earn money from PTC websites?
  • what are PTC referrals ?
  • What are the Cashout Methods?
  • A Checklist For Success in PTC or GPT sites?
  • Conclusion

What Are PTC Sites

PTC websites are short for paid to click websites i.e. a group of websites where you can get paid for clicking and watching advertisements and advertisers pay for the visitors to click on their links. PTC websites act as middlemen and earn their commission in the process.

GPT sites are short for “get paid to” and in these you get paid to complete free offers or free signups from advertisers and get paid after you complete the task. GPT sites keep their commissions as middlemen here too!

Top Paying Best PTC WebSites

Here is a list of best PTC WebSites I have well researched that are genuinely paying their members. A few examples of PTC websites or GPT websites that may be worth your time include,

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Time Bucks
  3. Ysesnse
  4. Dollar Clix
  5. Offer Nation
  6. Rewardingways
  7. Scarlet Clicks
  8. Get Paid
  9. BTC Clicks

Passive Income From PTC Sites

It is definitely possible to make a recurring passive income stream from ptc websites. Many are doing it and you can too. But it needs discipline and some time and effort to get there.

You can either invest time or money or both. Here are some ways that you can get paid by clicking.

Viewing Advertisements On Best PTC Sites

Once you login to a ptc site, you get a dashboard where you can click on the advertisement’s provided daily. There you can earn a penny or a portion of a penny by clicking each advertisement for a given amount of time.

But it adds up if you join multiple sites and click every ad. If you do this on many legitimate sites you can make up to a dollar in one day.

Earning a dollar or two is nothing. But there are more ways to earn as i shall explain. you can earn from your referrals clicks too. So do checkout the referrals section of this post. Some of the best PTC websites are now actively trying to keep user interest in sites, here is how

Completing MiniJob Offers & Tasks On PTC Sites

Most Of the top PTC websites now offer mini jobs and tasks for their members to augment their income. Earning only pennies from viewing ads is not enough for most users.

Most of the websites have partnered up with Appen(Formerly known as figure8). But you have to login to Appen within their site separately to access micro jobs available.

As you complete theses tasks and if your accuracy is good, your level rises. Then you can access high paying tasks and earn even more. Ysense Offers a browser extension too where you can get notified whenever new tasks are available.

It requires patience and mental alertness for anyone to start. But after some time when you level increases you get assigned high-paying jobs and earn more.

Typical payout for starting jobs is around $ 0.01. But as you progress you may get tasks paying up to $ 0.15. Many users have taken advantage of these tasks to make themselves some pocket money.

User that complete most tasks in a week gets bonus prize of 50 $. There are prizes for 2nd and 3rd position too. Bonus prizes keep changing with time. It is a great way to encourage site users to be more engaged and earn more during the process.

Survey Offers On Best PTC Sites

Now, Almost every top PTC site has partnered up with many survey companies. They provide a wide range of survey companies services to their users under one platform.

This is great. You can see surveys from adgem surveys, wannad surveys, pollfish surveys, popular surveys, your surveys and many many more companies in one place and see if any survey is available to you.

Especially if you are from top tier countries like US, UK etc. You can earn a decent amount of money from these surveys. But you have to be careful to answer all question truthfully.

The system can detect if you gave different answer to the same question over time and can stop suggesting you surveys anymore.

Off course you don’t need to give personal identification information to them. Also you can deny the survey if you don’t want to answer any questions in that survey. But be truthful when you do answer any questions.

Paid to Signup On PTC Sites

As the name suggests PTC websites offer users money to signup on different websites. These websites are all free to join. Most of the ads here are from your fellow ptc site members. They offer you money if you join some ptc website as their referral.

They make a portion of money you make on that signup site. There is no negative effect on your earning if you join through their links. You also get paid while signing up for free. Its a win win.

You can also advertise if you can spend some money with your referral link here. It is useful tool to get some referrals and increase your earning in the long run.

But remember you can only have one account per ptc site. Most top PTC websites have a tracking system in place. They can determine your ip and if you try to make more than one account, the site may ban your ip.

Some signup offers here are not free to join. But they usually have a higher payout. You can decide if you want to complete the offer or not.

Paid to Install On PTC Websites

This is a new feature in some ptc websites that allow its users to earn money by installing some apps in their phones and reviewing it. Or installing a game and reaching to a certain level. It can be quite a fun task if you happen to experience with news games or apps and you get paid for it.

Logging in from a mobile for these offers is oftentimes more effective for earning money.

PTC Referrals For Best PTC Sites

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

The real earning potential of these PTC websites is through referral earnings. So you need to focus on this section.

A referral is someone who joins these ptc websites through your referral link. You can easily see your referrals under referral or affiliate tab of these websites. Your referral link is also under one off these tabs

Direct Referrals

PTC referrals are the users that have joined the website following your affiliate link. These are called direct referrals and you get a portion of what they earn on the website for lifetime. So basically, they are doing the work for you and you get paid.

Please Note that you have to be active and click daily on these sites for you to be able to get paid by clicking activity of your referrals.

Also Some premium PTC websites like neobux have very small direct referral limit for free membership. So, if you are using the website as a standard member you cannot have more than 30 direct referrals.

I hate that and that is the reason i have not included neobux in my recommended best PTC websites list. I have included those website that allow for unlimited direct referrals for standard members or nominal fee per month plan like scarlet-clicks silver plan.

You earn different percentage of your referrals earnings on different sites that you can see in the above table.

Rented Referrals

Rented referrals are another type of referrals on PTC websites. PTC websites offer these to their members who want to earn extra money when they don’t have or cannot bring the direct referrals through their referral link. These websites charge money for these referrals. You get the them for a fixed period and you pay for them accordingly.

This is a dual sword and you can either make money or lose money depending on your rented referrals performance. Some people have great success using rented referrals and others never get a profit, really depends on the website and your management skills.

To rent referrals you need to upgrade your account on the websites without that you will never make a profit from these referrals. The more expensive membership plan you buy better rates you get for these rented referrals.

Also if you rent referrals for a full year you can get up to 35 % discount on rented referrals. But remember this can be done only if you have some money to invest and do not want to put in the work to get direct referrals.

How to Get PTC Referrals For PTC Sites

Getting PTC referrals should be the goal of anyone who wants to earn money by clicking ads on these sites. You need to promote your affiliate link to get signups under you.

Best PTC websites provide you with different banners too with your referral link in it. You can advertise your affiliate banner on different online platforms.

Most of the advertisers use other ptc like websites to attract more signups. After all if someone is already clicking ads on ptc websites, he is more likely to follow your advertisement and join one more ptc site to earn.

There are other ways too like setting up a paid to signup offer in ptc or gpt like websites. Yo basically promote site X on site Y and Site Y on Site X until you have enough referrals on both sites.

This takes some money and guts to wait for the results to appear. It is also important that your referrals keep clicking so that you keep earning money.

To achieve this you can communicate with your referrals(some sites provide this facility that you can email your referrals) and encourage them to be active on the site and make money for themselves and you.

But be sure not to nag them too much.

You can even guide them and give them strategies for increasing their online earnings like completing mini jobs tasks and acquiring direct referrals. If your referrals succeed so do you.

Best Way To Cashout From PTC Sites

OK, suppose you have done all the hard work and earned enough to cash out, how can you cash out from these websites. You need an e money service account. I have mentioned the e moneys services each of my recommended ptc websites accept in the above table.

You can use anyone of the service gateways for PTC websites that i have mentioned against that particular ptc website. You can also visit site’s FAQ or support pages about the details of payment processors available on that site.

Cashout Limits On Ptc Sites

Each site has minimum cash out limit and some sites have an upper cap on maximum withdrawal amount per each transaction. I have mentioned minimum cash out of each site and you can see it’s really low.

You need not worry about maximum cash out limit for now as that limit is well beyond what most users make on the site. You can safely withdraw hundreds and (thousands in most cases) of dollars monthly from each of site mentioned above if you are having success.

Say you are super successful and start earning thousands of dollars from each site, you can use that money to buy advertisements for your affiliate links. If that ever happens!.

But hey, hope for the best! Dream Big!

Cashout Frequency On PTC Websites

Cash out frequency and the time it take for completion of transaction varies for each PTC site. You can visit related site’s FAQ or Support tab for more detail.

It is important to request a cash out before a certain date set by site owner. Like, say, every Tuesday(Just an example) of the week when they process payments or your payment shall be processed on next week’s processing day.

Best Use Of PTC Websites Forums

All the best ptc websites have active forums. Visiting PTC websites forums is very important to keep in touch with the latest news from the admin and hearing from fellow site users.

You can see what problem they are facing and also post if you are having any difficulty. Here, users can get answers directly by the admin of site.

You also get encouraged by reading other user’s success stories of earning and get motivated to earn some yourself.

Just keep in mind, read and follow forum rules to avoid getting banned from forums or in some rare cases the website.

A Checklist For PTC Websites Users

  • First of all choose the best ptc websites to stick with in the long run.
  • Visit the websites daily and click ads complete offers do tasks, surveys whatever you may prefer
  • do not ever try to create more than one account for the same website as they will ban you through ip tracking.
  • some websites have strict rules about their forums so be sure to read and adhere to these rules before posting otherwise they will ban you
  • choose your payment processor carefully on some sites you cannot change the payment method once you have used one type of payment method
  • every success story takes time and effort so be sure to put in your everyday work and be disciplined


PTC and GPT websites are a genuine way to get paid by clicking indeed. Athough it is very time consuming and takes a lot of work but which online income strategy doesn’t take time I ask.

At least you can start without spending a fortune it is basically absolutely free, unlike many other ways to make money that require training and you have to spend money learning different courses and different skills.

It is actually no more different than other ways of making money in that the direct referrals that you want to have are like the leads that you generate when blogging or affiliate marketing.

some people do find it difficult so they say this is no good but I know people that are making a decent amount of passive income from this method so if you are a doer!, go for it.

Final Thoughts

Financial freedom, early retirement and passive income are the big dreams of today’s online community. In today’s world, loads and loads of people have been marketing ways to make money online in order to make themselves some money.

In fact (take a deep breath) there are marketers selling tactics on how to sell to others how to sell make money tools and tricks to make money online and duplicate it to their down-line. Makes sense?.

Network Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, Tech Savvy geeks, and even general public like you and me become doubtfully intrigued when we hear the claims that someone got paid by clicking  here and there and watching some advertisements. But we are excited nonetheless, Right!!!

Now, let’s talk about it from a network marketer’s point of view, these websites are actually a platform for marketers in the make money online niche to promote their products promoting them as moneymaking websites is a part of the branding for getting more visitors that are interested in making money online. Actually making money from these websites is thought to be a very tedious task.

But if you promote these websites and you do get referrals and start earning something like ten or twenty dollars every week, it can quickly pileup along with your direct referrals to a decent side cash in a few months time.

However to make much more than that you need to have a strong online presence and a steady flow of referrals.

If you want to learn latest ways to promote your referral links and make direct referrals,

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If you are reading this thanks for reading through the post. There are my affiliate link on this page. If you join under me just send me a message. I shall give you personalized success strategy to implement . Also i shall be sending latest referral strategies that i use in your inbox.

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