OfferNation Review: What Exactly Does It offer To Micro Earners

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This is a detailed offernation review. Micro earners have to get an idea about all the rewards options on this GPT website by reading through.

In this post, We shall be looking at and reviewing the different earning options offernation has to offer in brief we shall look at the following

  1. What is Offernation
  2. Offernation Earning potential for micro earners
  3. Websites like Offernation
  4. Concluding and doer remarks

Please give your honest review of the website below the post if you have experience with it.

You can help fellow micro earners by reviewing offernation in comments if you have been earning (or not earning) from offernation.

What is Offernation?

Offernation is a GPT website where micro-earners earn small money by doing simple micro-tasks like surveys offers et cetera.

In fact, offernation is like a drop servicing platform for survey seekers and advertisers both. What this means is that offer nation provides users interested in earning small rewards for their time. And to the advertisers it offers a platform to connect to potential customers.

Have a look at the below picture to understand what I am trying to say.

how offernation works
offernation structure

See, Offernation has affiliated with many survey and offer providing platforms to monetize its website and provides its users the opportunity to earn some as well.

Who Owns Offernation

Offernation is owned by 99 ventures company which is basically an advertising company.

99 ventures also owns some other GPT websites. Those include, and rewarding ways.

If you like micro earning sites, have a look at PTC sites post to know all about them.

Offernation Earning potential review

Offernation provides many opportunities to its members and the advertisers it is working with. But on this website I only review the information from a doer’s point of view. So, we shall be reviewing offernation from, micro-earners point of view. Look at the below image for understanding what offer nation has to offer to us users

So there are basically four earning option for members;

  1. Surveys
  2. Offers
  3. Referral rewards
  4. Quarterly prize contest

Surveys In Offernation

Offernation brings many survey platforms under one survey tab. Till the date of this review, offernation provides a total of nine survey platforms to its members. And the earning potential of these survey providers is not that much but it is well worth the time of users looking for such micro earning opportunities.

Let’s look at the survey platforms it has;

1. Your surveys:

As per offernation, surveys here offer from 1$ upto 8$ per survey completed. You have to qualify first though!

2. Revenue wall:

Here the rewards for surveys typically range between 0.2 $ to 2 $. It still is pretty good as compared to other micro earning websites.

3. CPX research:

The payout rate for surveys from this platform on offernation is between 0.2$ to 0.8$ per survey. Not bad if you qualify for a lot of them.

4. Theorem Surveys:

This survey platform provides offernation users a chance to earn between 0.2 $ to 5 $ per survey completed. A great addition to gpt sites lately.

5. Opinion capital:

Opinion capital is very popular among gpt platforms. GPT sites users must signup to opinion capital through offernation to receive surveys in offernation website.

6. Sayso surveys:

Sayso rewards is a relatively new name in gpt community. Now, many GPT websites have started including them in their surveys platforms. On offernation, typical payout for surveys through this platform is $1 to $3 per completed survey.

7. Live paid Surveys:

I have only found this platform on offernation GPT till date and haven’t taken any survey from this platform yet. But, offernation claims that users can find surveys paying up to $15 per survey here. Great news for users interested in such opportunities.

8. Adgem surveys:

One of the more popular survey platform, Adgem surveys offers offernation users surveys ranging from $0.4 to $1 per survey.

9. Wannads surveys:

Wannads is an old survey platform on most GPT sites. On offernation, the usual pay rate per successfully completed survey is between $0.2 to $1.

Doer Verdict On Offernation Survey TAb

Offernation provides its members ample opportunities and platforms to earn from surveys. Information about each platform is provided under relative tabs. So, members can easily decide where they want to invest their time.

As a result, Offernation passes this part of the review with flying colors.

Offernation Offerwalls Review

Offerwalls on most gpt websites are a collection of ads for paid games and software apps looking for customers. To encourage users, most apps and platforms here rewards them with cashbacks and discounts on purchases.

For micro-earners, spending money in not why they are here on the website, so they mostly avoid offerwalls.

However, to retain members interest in offerwalls, many gpt websites are offering prizes to users with most completed offers. Recently, revenue universe partnered up with many gpt websites to offer prizes to random users through lucky draw. Each completed offer served as entry tickets ijn the prize contest.

But, I feel this is not enough to entice most micro earners.

Luckily, there are some offerwalls paying for some microtasks. These tasks include, puzzles like finding an object inside an image, comparing the images and spotting the difference etc.

But the pay rate for these tasks is generally $0.1 or 1 point only. So these are only here to keep micro earners interested really.

List Of Offerwall Platforms

Here are all the offer platforms offernation has integrated into their website till date.

  1. Adgate
  2. Adgem
  3. Peanut Labs
  4. Offer toro
  5. Wall Ads
  6. Wannads
  7. Ayet Studios
  8. Adscend
  9. Revenue universe
  10. hang my ads

But as I have already said, this tab is mostly for cashbacks or discounts and not for earning.

Doer Verdict On Offernation Offerwalls Tabs

This is in the grey area for me. Some micro earners may be interested in $0.01 quizzes. Others may want nothing to do with it.

So decide for yourself, how much your time is worth.

Offernation Referral Program

Both newbies and established GPT website users know pretty well, the referral program is where most of the earning will come for members.

GPT sites like offernation take advantage of the referral system to grow their user base and offer their members rewards for bringing new members.

See, more the members, more the website’s affiliate earnings with all the platforms they have partnered up with. But still, some GPT websites don’t offer appropriate referral rewards to referring members.

Fortunately, this is not the case with offernation. Offernation offers a generous 25 % commission on the earnings of your referrals to you for life.

I have seen some websites like timkebucks, offer two level referral reward program to their members. But offernation is not much behind timebucks.

Doer Verdict On Offernation Referral Program

Offernation has a great referral program and provides ample encouragement to it’s members for promoting the website.

Offernation Prize Contest Review

See, GPT sites like offernation earn only when their members earn through their provided platforms. If members are not actively taking surveys or offers, their earnings (affiliate) take a hit too.

So it is necessary to spark interest between the members to be active daily on the website.

Offernation quarterly prize contest is the result of this effort from offernation. The contest lasts three months, during which the members try to earn most rewards from the website by doing surveys, taking offers, small quizzes etc.

The top earner in the three month contest period gets the 1st prize of $350. The 2nd prize is $200 and the third is $100. Top 20 earners get a share in the prizes. The total prize distribution among members amounts to $1000 for each quarterly contest.

Winners of the previous contests are displayed on the website for members encouragement.

Doe Verdict On Offernation Prize Contest

Earning contest is a win win for all involved. It is definitely a great attraction for micro earners and gets a resounding yes from me.

Cashout Options From Offernation

Offernation is an old and trusted website. It offers diverse cash out options to its members and takes pride in maintaining a low cash out threshhold.

The minimum cash out amount in offernation is $1 through paypal. For skrill, the minimum cash out amount is $5.

If you prefer to withdraw in bitcoin, the you have to reach minimum $60 to be able to withdraw.

Tango gift card and Amazon gift cards are also offered from time to time as a cash out option to offernation members.

Other Sites Like Offernation

Here is a list of websites which are similar to offernation and are worth your time if you are a micro earner.

Do note that the survey and offer platforms are nearly the same on most of them. So, pick your favorite one or two and stick with them.

  1. Timebucks
  2. Rewardingways
  3. Dollarclix
  4. Swagbucks
  5. Get Paid

Conclusion And Doer Remarks

After understanding offernation site structure, some micro earners may wonder why they should take surveys through this GPT platform.

See, when you can signup for different survey platforms directly, why should you bother going through GPT websites like offernation?

The answer to this is simple, the referral rewards structure of GPT websites like offernation is really generous. It allows members with marketing skills to scale their earnings limitlessly. This is seldom the case with big survey panels working independently.

If, you are someone with no marketing or social skills, you should consider signing up on the survey platforms directly. As the survey earnings are more than 80% of all earning from these GPT websites. And besides surveys, there is very small money to be made here.

Referral earnings on the other hand are the main attraction of GPT websites like timebucks and offernation. But these are mainly for marketers.

So, my advice, become a small marketer. Grow your social circle, write a blog, or maybe open a youtube channel.

If you have been to offernation and have an experience to share, please review this GPT above for all the viewer of this site.

Thanks and bye for now.

Review OfferNation Review: What Exactly Does It offer To Micro Earners.