Neobux Review. Old Is Gold? Maybe Not So!

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This Neobux Review is going to cover the most searched for questions relating to neobux ptc site, ad clicking, surveys, mini tasks, referrals everything!

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I have worked on neobux couple of times in the past and have first hand experience of how it goes for free members and for golden members on neobux. So stay tuned if you have any questions relating Neobux.

If you are on this page, chances are you have been to neobux and have invested some time and energy into building an online income stream from this ptc website. And 99 % chance is that you have failed miserably as i expect! right!

If you have not been to neobux, i suggest you read this first. Let me explain step by step how an income stream from ptc websites is generated and how neobux doesn’t fit the bill. First Part of the Neobux review would be

Ways To Earn From Neobux

Who are we kidding here? Everyone knows the only real way to make money from PTC websites is to have referrals, direct referrals. Your own daily ad clicking work is not going to earn you more than a single penny per day on most of the ptc websites neobux included.

Surveys have some potential for users from top tier countries. But after a few days, there is not enough potential as survey opportunities dry out after the initial surveys. Most survey companies only provide 1 survey per user.

Next in this neobux review is

Minijob Dash Board

You all know too well, how lazy we (ptc website users) are 😆 . Yet ptc websites know that we need money so bad. They incorporate a low paying mini task dashboard in websites. But less than 2 % of ptc users perform these tasks and earn any significant money.

I also tried to do mini tasks once for a couple of days and got a severe headache after earning 6 $. I had to take painkillers costing 2 $ to relieve the headache. So, you know how it works!

Tell me in the comments if you have also tried such feat.

Let’s dig deep in memberships in Neobux

Memberships In Neobux

We, the users of ptc websites don’t have enough cash to invest. This is the primary reason we joined a ptc website in the first place right!

Neobux has so much appeal for new users that they are willing to invest money along with their time and energy.Neobux offers its users golden membership at 90 $ annually.

Take a quick look at what gold membership offers users like you and me in neobux.

 Your ClicksYour ClicksCommission From DRCommission From DRCommission From RRCommission From RR
Standard MembersGolden MembersStandard MembersGolden MembersStandard MembersGolden Members
Extended Ads0.0150.020.0050.01000.01000.0200
Standard Ads0.0100.0100.0050.01000.00500.0100
Fixed Ads0.0010.010.00050.00500.00500.0100

After gold membership there are special upgrade packs allowing you the privilege to spend more(rent more referrals).

Let’s now take a look at the real earning potential point of Neobux. which brings us to our next subject in this Neobux review, Referrals!

Referrals Section

Here is how it goes in neobux regarding direct referrals

Direct Referrals

Lo and behold, you cannot have direct referrals in neobux right after signing up. Yes, That’s right! You have to wait 15 days before you can have any direct referrals.

And there is a limit of maximum 30 referrals for free members. WTH you may wonder. The number of direct referrals free member can have increases by 1 every 4 days after the initial 30 days of registration. But this gets a big no from me.

Most of the experienced ptc site users know that the only guaranteed method of earning from neobux or any other ptc site for that matter is through direct referrals.Putting a limitation on direct referrals is criminal affiliate ethics in my view.

Also Neobux has now added an additional term of service to their terms. You Cannot use paid to signup offers

I don’t know what they mean by that. You cannot make neobux referrals from paid to signup offers or cannot advertise on nebux using paid to signup offers or worse both. But it s*cks anyway.

If you upgrade to golden membership and buy ultimate pack, it would give you the chance to have unlimited direct referrals. But it would cost you a hefty 1 grand annually.

Can you invest this kind of money in a website proven to fail for most of it’s users? Apparently many do upgrade!

Even if you buy ultimate pack with golden upgrade, and try to promote your referral link with all the zest. You are never going to make any profit. Why?

neobux review referrals
original Photo by Mantas Hesthaven on Unsplash
  1. The referrals you referred to neobux are going to get bored with the unfair system designed to rip user’s money.
  2. They are not likely going to spend 1 grand to be where you are to have any chance to make money and won’t stick in the long run.
  3. You referred real people, not robots to this site. They have common sense and not going to stick around using neobux after a few days, a few weeks max.

Next up in this neobux review is the dreaded rented referral system.

Rented Referrals in Neobux Review

This is a big b***sh*t by most PTC sites. For lazy users who cannot promote their referral link and have direct referrals, rented referral option is included in these site including neobux.

You can rent referrals for specific time period and have to pay the site for renting them. Basically, After renting those users, PTC sites make money from those referrals whether they click or not. Now you the investor have to pray they click.

Some Sites do have a good performing rented referrals system, but most of them s*ck. Now coming to neobux, what do you think, yes it s*cks big time.

Users with free account can’t even rent more than 30 referrals. The upgraded members can rent more. But the cost of buying rented referrals and the cost of renewing them and the cost of membership make it impossible to generate any profit. Neobux is in profit all the time when you are not in profit. It is not like if you do’t make profit, they lose anything.

I have heard many horror stories on different forums of investment gone wrong in Neobux. Google it if you don’t believe me. I myself have wasted time and effort in Neobux. It never ceases to amaze me how many users still promote it hoping to make a profit.

Wake up people! Wake up.

We are going to look at the forums section now in this Neobux review


Suppose you have invested some money and upgraded your account. even rented some referrals. Now you are running into rented referrals low click average issues. Trust me you are going to run into these issues a lot!

You think you can go to their forum and ask admin for help or solution. Or even ask fellow members for some tips. Guess what? fellow members have the same problems as you. Also you will find there is a restriction to post anything that can cause a bad rep for the website. So you cannot rant about how you are losing money.

  • That’s right! You cannot speak your mind here.

You will find many golden members with premium packs posting their stats here only to find they are losing money. They must hate it. But the twist is they cannot complain clearly in their posts. That is against the forum rules. They can only show you their stats and they are doing it.

What do you think they mean to say by sharing those negative net profit stats.

You have been ripped. Now make your peace with it!

Let us discuss the neobux pros in this review

The Pros

There are a few plus points too for users on Neobux. Fisrt one being

Advertisement Advantage

OK I have got to admit, Neobux is a great place to advertise for marketers in make money, get rich quick niche.

After all, the site users who are here to make money are like natural leads for such advertised offers. Some of the users are even ready to buy premium membership in hopes of making money, so they may even try other products advertised here right!

Also as Neobux is the oldest PTC site, PTC users of other less known PTC sites can promote their referral links here. Interested users would join the new PTC sites becoming their referrals.

Advertising is the one of the two plus points of Neobux. The other one, you may ask is

Timely payout

Neobux has always paid it’s members on time and i have never heard of any complaints regarding payouts. The part of the reason why this has never been a problem maybe that their system ensures site is always in multi fold profit.

Whatever the case maybe, it is a big plus point of neobux. Payout issues have been the majority of problems for most fraudulent PTC sites. It is not an issue for Neobux. Now we can conlude this Neobux review!

Concluding Neobux Review

This Neobux review is written after extensively researching the subject but it is my personal opinion nonetheless. You need to make up your own opinion.

  • In fact You should comment and share your experience with Neobux in the Comment section of the post.

Neobux is a very old PTC site and they have built the domain authority through the years. So there is a steady flow of organic traffic to the website.

They used to be a good place for investors and average PTC site users in the beginning. As the time passed and they had a strong business going, i think, the greed took over. They started ripping people off by inflating membership prices and adding restrictions to referral limit for free users.

Because it is so expensive to invest in Neobux and unfortunately we as community think expensive means authentic. Still, Today people believe it has got to have a great ROI (return of Investment). Unfortunately, it is not so.

Neobux will keep cashing in on ordinary joes like you and me as i personally don’t think they want to continue the business. They have earned enough and want to earn big before finally users leave the site for good.


If you have read through the post, you might be wondering if any PTC site lives up to the promise of making money.

You can Checkout best PTC sites i have found after extensive research on the subject.

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