Dollarclix Review: Can You Make Dollars Through Clix Here?

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This dollarclix review covers the most sought after query of users interested in this rewards opportunity.

That is, how many dollars can you make through your clicks on this website.

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Let’s look at following points in detail

  1. Dollarclix Structure For Earners
  2. Review of different earning options in Dollarclix
  3. Earning potential and payout options
  4. Is Dollarclix for you?

Dollarclix Structure For Earners

We ‘ll be discussing dollarclix purpose and design here.

What Is Dollarclix

Dollarclix is a gpt (get paid to) website with many micro earning opportunities.

Yes, I say micro earning and not earning. So , how does dollarclix do it? Well, dollarclix has affiliated with many survey panels and offer providing websites.

Dollarclix get’s commission from these platforms for bringing unique users to them. It pays its members to take surveys and complete offers from these platforms.

In reality, dollarclix does not have any earning opportunities of its own on the website. It is simply hosting other micro earning platforms.

Here is how it looks,

what is dollarclix
Dollarclix Structure

Website Design Of Dollarclix

Micro earners interested in these GPT websites are not the most active users around, you would agree, right! They need straightforward access to earning options.

Dollarclix is designed by as it clearly states on the footer of their web pages. In fact, 33brushes is a perfect go to place for getting a gpt websites designed. You can try them if you want to build your own ptc or gpt website.

Dollarclix has an OK design for a GPT website. But i found it to be lacking in some categories unlike timebucks.

Dollarclix has unique names for some earning tabs under earn points menu. But when user clicks on it, it takes them to some other earning platform. For example, daily quiz unlimited tab takes users to a slide ads view website called nightfall news. But, there is no quiz to be found anywhere.

Other than that , dollarclix has done a satisfactory job in website design department.

Dollarclix Earning Options Reviewed

Dollarclix offers users rewards points for completing different tasks. Each point equals 1 cent. So, you need to collect 100 points for earning a dollar here.

dollarclix earning options

Dollarclix offers 4 basic forms of earning options to micro earners.

  1. Surveys
  2. Micro Tasks
  3. Paid To Click
  4. Cashback Offers
  5. Referral Rewards

Let’s review each opportunity in detail, shall we!

Dollarclix Surveys Earning Potential

Surveys are undoubtedly the best earning options when it comes to any GPT website. Dollarclix is no different and it offers many survey platforms to micro earners.

Generally, the collection of survey platforms is more or less the same on all GPT websites. Here are different survey opportunities on dollarclix.

  1. Your Surveys: It can be found under daily surveys tab in dollarclix under earn points menu. Your surveys offers anywhere from 30 points up to 80 points per survey. Surveys can be completed in 30 minutes to 45 minutes in average. This is a great way to earn some points in spare time. Check daily for available surveys here.
  2. Adgatemedia: Provides surveys mainly form surveytime. These surveys pay on average 50 points for completion.
  3. Opinion Capital: Provides surveys mostly to users from top tier countries. Relatively good pay rate is offered for survey completion.
  4. Adwall: Offers surveys collection from other survey providers.
  5. Wallads: Just like adwall in functionality and offers.
  6. Offertoro: Offertoro has collection of opportunities from other survey platforms. But pay rates here are less than on other platforms.
  7. Sayso Rewards: Offers genuine survey opportunities to dollarclix members.
  8. Penut labs: Peanuts (earnings) for opinion.
  9. Ayet Studios: This is just a survey router, providing surveys from other platforms.
  10. Offers genuine survey opportunities.
  11. TheoremReach: It offers opportunities for mainly top tier country members.
  12. Wannads: Like a survey router, it offers surveys mostly from Yuno surveys.
  13. CPX Research: I have seen average survey pay rate to be around 50 points here.
  14. SurveyWall: Another survey offering platform to discover opportunities.
  15. Bitlabs: Bitlab is a relatively new survey provider. It is AI (artificial intelligence) powered so i a fascinated to check it out more.

Overall, surveys on any GPT website offer main source of earnings for its members. So, most members never even look at other earning options and focus on surveys alone.

I don’t blame them as this is the highest paying earning opportunity on such sites. But you have to keep in mind some guideline before going berserk and taking all surveys.

Tips For Survey Takers

  1. You may not qualify for each survey available. Unfortunately, this means that you may have spent anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes answering questions already. Then, All of a sudden this screen pops up saying you don’t qualify. Don’t lose heart, and keep taking surveys. Answering more questions on any platform will strengthen your profile. So, you would qualify for more surveys in the long run.
  2. Be truthful, I can’t stress this enough. Survey platforms are getting cleverer these days. They have added trick questions in surveys to check for false or blind answers. So, if you are simply clicking on different options without even reading the questions, they would know. This can get you banned from that platform altogether.
  3. Don’t answer questions you are not comfortable answering. Surveys should be fun to take and not a source of anxiety for you right! Choose prefer not to answer if that option exists.

Doer Review For Dollarclix Surveys

GPT websites are competing hard to gain their users attention. So, they are trying very hard to include most survey platforms on their websites.

Dollarclix has done relatively well in this regard and passes this review.

Micro Tasks In Dollarclix

In micro tasks, dollarclix users earn points by performing simple tasks. These are all the available tasks for micro earners;

  1. Dollarclix Offers: Dollar clix offers new members three basic sharing tasks. following dollarclix on twitter gives 5 points. Sharing a video from dollarclix earns 5 points. And posting dollarclix payment proof on other websites offers 10 points reward. Additionally, new tasks may appear from time to time.
  2. Adgatemedia tasks: Adgatemedia offers different micro tasks for 1 to 2 points each.
  3. Offerwall Ads Quizzes: Complete short quizzes here for less than a point. Some users like to complete them irrespective of their low pay rate.

Doer Review On Dollarclix Micro Tasks

Not the most paying option but you can consider doing them for fun. These micro tasks still pay well than PTC ads on ptc websites.

Paid To Click On Dollarclix

Dollarclix is not a ptc website by any means but there are a few earning options here that resemble paid to click sites.

Takes members to a third party website Here, members have to allow popups from that website to receive popup ads. I haven’t seen any active offers here recently so can’t comment on this.

Offerdaddy Page Views:

Offerdaddy pays dollarclix member 0.3 points for viewing 10 web pages. You have to view each page for at least 5 seconds. This pay rate simply s*cks.

Nightfall News:

Nightfall news is under “voting quiz unlimited” sub menu and “morequiztime” in offer walls tab. Well, Dollarclix is a little unorganized like that. If you were disappointed by offerdaddy page view pay rate , you would definitely go crazy after hearing this.

You need to View 40 web pages for 10 seconds each minimum. The 10 second timer would only begin after you click on next button. The pages load slowly so it takes time to find and click the timer.

I have tested it out for my readers. In reality, you would be viewing each page for approximately 30 seconds. This translates into a view time of 20 minutes. After all, what do you get after viewing 40 pages for 20 minutes? 0.162 points or 0.00162 $.

Do I even need to say anything here?

Doer Review For PTC On Dollarclix

I don’t recommend PTC feature in dollarclix. Because, pay rate here is pathetic and i cannot understand how users would be interested in earning $0.00162 for spending 20 minutes viewing pages.

Offers On Dollarclix

Let me tell you straight off the bat, all of these offers are not free. Many offers here reward users for spending on apps or software. But legitimate free to take offers can be found for rewards here.

Offers are the 2nd most high paying earning option on any GPT site. I have to admit dollarclix has done a great job implementing a wide selection of offer platform for its members.

But it is a little unorganized in terms of options for earners as i mentioned above.

If you are interested in buying any of the apps or software offered through dollarclix offer platforms, you should definitely use this platform. You get cashback rewards in points for buying through dollarclix.

List Of Offers

  1. Adwall Offers: This platform offers members reward points for shopping, installing free and paid games and software.
  2. HangmyAds: A mobile based offers platform for micro earners.
  3. Wallads Offers: Wallads is just like Adwall
  4. Offrtoro Offers: Offertoro has game install reward points for mobile users and crypto gambling balance offers for member here. Some antivirus programs are also promoted here for reward points. There are some quizzes and search related rewards too here.
  5. OfferwallAds: A collection of many other offerwalls.
  6. Revenue Universe: has many offers for mobile users from vpn to antivirus. Revenue universe offers prizes to offer takers through lucky draws from time to time.
  7. Adgem: Fitness and workout offers for users. Also, different crypto currency casino offers and subscription offers are there. So select the ones you are interested in.

Review For Dollarclix Offer Rewards

Dollarclix has a good selection of free to take reward offers and easily gets placed on the recommended list. I haven’t seen many free to take offers on other platforms.

Referral Rewards

One of the most attractive ways to earn something passive from these GPT websites is referral rewards from these websites.

Here, the potential to earn is very promising if you know how to promote GPT websites.

Dollarclix offers 20% commission on referral earnings to its members. This is a generous commission unlike swagbucks which offers only 10% commission.

There is also a level 2 referral commission of 10% mentioned on the FAQ pages but it is not confirmed by me yet. I’ll update the page as soon as i verify this.

Regardless of this, 20% is more than enough to encourage members to promote their affiliate links.

Doer Review For Dollarclix Referral Program

Easily passes this test.

Earning Potential And Payout Options

For a micro earner, earning potential of any GPT website decided whether they stick with the website or not. Surveys and offer rewards are two of the most paying earning options on dollarclix.

Unfortunately, the geographical location of the micro earner plays a big role in how much they can earn on dollarclix. For users from top tier countries like US, UK etc,the earning potential is about a few dollars a day.

But for users from rest of the world, they may find it difficult to get to 1$ a day from dollarcix.

Luckily, the referral earrings offer everyone the same commission to everyone. So, you can opt this route if you have the guts to promote.

GPT Sites Like Dollarclix

You can look for these GPT sites if dollarcix doesn’t fit the ill;

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Timebucks
  3. Offernation
  4. Rewardingways
  5. GetPaid

See PTC Websites Post for complete info.

Payout Options In Dollarcix

Dollarclix offers a variety of payout options to its members. These are all the options;

  1. Prepaid Mastercard: Oblu member from specific countries are eligible for payout through this option. Supported countries are DE/FI/BE/PT/LT/LU/LV/BL/FR/MC/SK/SM/IE/GF/EE/AD/MT/VA/GR/IT/ES/TF/AT/CY/PM/NL. A minimum of 5$ must be earned for cash out through prepaid master card. No fees are deducted.
  2. Amazon Gift Card: This available to users from CA/CN/DE/ES/FR/IT/JP/UK. Minimum payout here is same 5 $. No fees.
  3. Tango Card: Minimum payout amount is 5 $ with no fees.
  4. Tesco: For UK members, this is 10 GBP in value
  5. Payoneer: Minimum cash out here is 50 $ with 2 $ deducted in fees. This payout method is available to worldwide users.
  6. Other Shopping Credits: Dollarclix offers payout as a credit in some shopping websites like Flipkart, Big Bazaar, Shoppers Stop. The minimum payout for this is 8 $ with no fees.

Doer Verdict

I have mixed thoughts on this.

Dollarclix Offers many diverse ways to cash out the points earned on the website.

But earnings can be difficult to cash out of if you don’t belong to countries supported by gift cards or virtual master card payment options.

The 50 $ minimum payout through Payoneer should be reduced to 10 $ in my opinion.

Concluding Dollarclix Review

Dollarclix has been around for some time and offers genuine micro earning opportunities to its members. But, earning something sizable is difficult for users from non top tier geographical location.

You can increase your earnings by utilizing the referral program.But you should know a little bit about marketing.

What do you think about dollarclix? Tell us and help other like you searching for earning opportunities online.

Leave your reviews in the comments please.

Review Dollarclix Review: Can You Make Dollars Through Clix Here?.