Best PTC Sites! To Invest Your Time In

PTC sites have always been a fishy subject in online earning community.

Did you ever come across these websites that claim their users just get paid for clicking? You may have wondered how that is possible. And when joined, you found out it were just pennies you would get.

But now some of the best PTC websites have evolved since then and there are multiple ways to earn from them.

You maybe wondering!

  • Can you really make decent side cash using these PTC sites?
  • Can you make a passive income stream from these so called best PTC websites?

Well stay tuned, cause i will discuss these question in great detail here.

OK, first things first, here is some quick information about legitimate a.k.a legit PTC websites. Here you can get paid for clicking. This Table lists some of the Legitimate PTC websites that are genuine and paying their member for years. Read on to get the complete picture below,

PTC WebsiteOffersMinimum CashoutPayment MethodsREFERRAL EARNING
Time BucksOffers,Tasks,Surveys10$Payeer,Bitcoin,Skrill,Tangoupto 100 precent
SwagBucksOffers, Questions, Tasks,Surveys5$Gift Cards, Paypal10 %
YsenseSurveys, Offers,Minijobs5$Payoneer, Paypal, Skrillupto 30 percent
RewardingwaysSurvey,Offers1$Paypal,Skrill,Bitcoin25 percent
Offer NationSurvey,Offers1$Paypal,Skrill,Bitcoin25 percent
Get PaidSurvey,Offers1$pefectmoney,webmoney,bitcoin20 percent
BTC ClicksAds1 mbtcBitcoin75 percent
Dollar ClixOffers,SurveysFrom 5$Tango,Tesco,Visa, Payoneer,20 percent
Scarlet ClicksAds, Offers2$Skrill,Neteller,AirTM,Payeer,SolidtrustPaupto 100%

Now that That is out of the way, here is what i think of PTC websites.

Overview Of Best PTC Sites

PTC websites, combined, are multi million dollar businesses running online since more than a couple of decades now. In fact some of the old ones have been paying millions of dollars to its members throughout years.

The promise is that users get paid by clicking ads and completing some online offers. They are legitimate business and definitely not spam. But earning potential for ordinary users is definitely slim. More on that below!

In this post, i shall try to answer the question of earning money from PTC websites, Mini job, Surveys or GPT sites in great detail. You can decide for yourself how much you can get paid for clicking on these sites.

No Investment Required For PTC Websites

Well, the difference between PTC websites and other affiliate MLM programs is that you don’t have to invest anything to start. Here you can get paid by clicking ads and doing some random tasks here and there.

Also, you can choose from them and promote the best PTC websites to increase your income.

If you have been looking to join these sites as a side income or even a full time income, there is a step by step guide to make money from these type of websites that you can get by signing up for my emails( I am not going to annoy you).

It really works if you are willing to put in the effort. Also be sure to bookmark as this page shall be updated with a list of Best PTC websites periodically.

You can expect answers to the following common questions relating to PTC and GPT sites.

  • What are PTC sites?
  • Is it really possible to make passive income from Best PTC websites?
  • How can i earn money from PTC websites?
  • what are PTC referrals ?
  • What are the Cashout Methods?
  • A Checklist For Success in PTC or GPT sites?
  • Conclusion

What Are PTC Sites

PTC websites are short for paid to click websites i.e. a group of websites where you can get paid for clicking and watching advertisements and advertisers pay for the visitors to click on their links. PTC websites act as middlemen and earn their commission in the process.

GPT sites are short for “get paid to” and in these you get paid to complete free offers or free signups from advertisers and get paid after you complete the task. GPT sites keep their commissions as middlemen here too!

Top Paying Best PTC WebSites

Here is a list of best PTC WebSites I have well researched that are genuinely paying their members. A few examples of PTC websites or GPT websites that may be worth your time include,

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Time Bucks
  3. Ysesnse
  4. Dollar Clix
  5. Offer Nation
  6. Rewardingways
  7. Scarlet Clicks
  8. Get Paid
  9. BTC Clicks

Passive Income From PTC Sites

It is definitely possible to make a recurring passive income stream from ptc websites. Many are doing it and you can too. But it needs discipline and some time and effort to get there.

You can either invest time or money or both. Here are some ways that you can get paid by clicking.

Viewing Advertisements On Best PTC Sites

Once you login to a ptc site, you get a dashboard where you can click on the advertisement’s provided daily. There you can earn a penny or a portion of a penny by clicking each advertisement for a given amount of time.

But it adds up if you join multiple sites and click every ad. If you do this on many legitimate sites you can make up to a dollar in one day.

Earning a dollar or two is nothing. But there are more ways to earn as i shall explain. you can earn from your referrals clicks too. So do checkout the referrals section of this post. Some of the best PTC websites are now actively trying to keep user interest in sites, here is how

Completing MiniJob Offers & Tasks On PTC Sites

Most Of the top PTC websites now offer mini jobs and tasks for their members to augment their income. Earning only pennies from viewing ads is not enough for most users.

Most of the websites have partnered up with Appen(Formerly known as figure8). But you have to login to Appen within their site separately to access micro jobs available.

As you complete theses tasks and if your accuracy is good, your level rises. Then you can access high paying tasks and earn even more. Ysense Offers a browser extension too where you can get notified whenever new tasks are available.

It requires patience and mental alertness for anyone to start. But after some time when you level increases you get assigned high-paying jobs and earn more.

Typical payout for starting jobs is around $ 0.01. But as you progress you may get tasks paying up to $ 0.15. Many users have taken advantage of these tasks to make themselves some pocket money.

User that complete most tasks in a week gets bonus prize of 50 $. There are prizes for 2nd and 3rd position too. Bonus prizes keep changing with time. It is a great way to encourage site users to be more engaged and earn more during the process.

Survey Offers On Best PTC Sites

Now, Almost every top PTC site has partnered up with many survey companies. They provide a wide range of survey companies services to their users under one platform.

This is great. You can see surveys from adgem surveys, wannad surveys, pollfish surveys, popular surveys, your surveys and many many more companies in one place and see if any survey is available to you.

Especially if you are from top tier countries like US, UK etc. You can earn a decent amount of money from these surveys. But you have to be careful to answer all question truthfully.

The system can detect if you gave different answer to the same question over time and can stop suggesting you surveys anymore.

Off course you don’t need to give personal identification information to them. Also you can deny the survey if you don’t want to answer any questions in that survey. But be truthful when you do answer any questions.

Paid to Signup On PTC Sites

As the name suggests PTC websites offer users money to signup on different websites. These websites are all free to join. Most of the ads here are from your fellow ptc site members. They offer you money if you join some ptc website as their referral.

They make a portion of money you make on that signup site. There is no negative effect on your earning if you join through their links. You also get paid while signing up for free. Its a win win.

You can also advertise if you can spend some money with your referral link here. It is useful tool to get some referrals and increase your earning in the long run.

But remember you can only have one account per ptc site. Most top PTC websites have a tracking system in place. They can determine your ip and if you try to make more than one account, the site may ban your ip.

Some signup offers here are not free to join. But they usually have a higher payout. You can decide if you want to complete the offer or not.

Paid to Install On PTC Websites

This is a new feature in some ptc websites that allow its users to earn money by installing some apps in their phones and reviewing it. Or installing a game and reaching to a certain level. It can be quite a fun task if you happen to experience with news games or apps and you get paid for it.

Logging in from a mobile for these offers is oftentimes more effective for earning money.

PTC Referrals For Best PTC Sites

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

The real earning potential of these PTC websites is through referral earnings. So you need to focus on this section.

A referral is someone who joins these ptc websites through your referral link. You can easily see your referrals under referral or affiliate tab of these websites. Your referral link is also under one off these tabs

Direct Referrals

PTC referrals are the users that have joined the website following your affiliate link. These are called direct referrals and you get a portion of what they earn on the website for lifetime. So basically, they are doing the work for you and you get paid.

Please Note that you have to be active and click daily on these sites for you to be able to get paid by clicking activity of your referrals.

Also Some premium PTC websites like neobux have very small direct referral limit for free membership. So, if you are using the website as a standard member you cannot have more than 30 direct referrals.

I hate that and that is the reason i have not included neobux in my recommended best PTC websites list. I have included those website that allow for unlimited direct referrals for standard members or nominal fee per month plan like scarlet-clicks silver plan.

You earn different percentage of your referrals earnings on different sites that you can see in the above table.

Rented Referrals

Rented referrals are another type of referrals on PTC websites. PTC websites offer these to their members who want to earn extra money when they don’t have or cannot bring the direct referrals through their referral link. These websites charge money for these referrals. You get the them for a fixed period and you pay for them accordingly.

This is a dual sword and you can either make money or lose money depending on your rented referrals performance. Some people have great success using rented referrals and others never get a profit, really depends on the website and your management skills.

To rent referrals you need to upgrade your account on the websites without that you will never make a profit from these referrals. The more expensive membership plan you buy better rates you get for these rented referrals.

Also if you rent referrals for a full year you can get up to 35 % discount on rented referrals. But remember this can be done only if you have some money to invest and do not want to put in the work to get direct referrals.

How to Get PTC Referrals For PTC Sites

Getting PTC referrals should be the goal of anyone who wants to earn money by clicking ads on these sites. You need to promote your affiliate link to get signups under you.

Best PTC websites provide you with different banners too with your referral link in it. You can advertise your affiliate banner on different online platforms.

Most of the advertisers use other ptc like websites to attract more signups. After all if someone is already clicking ads on ptc websites, he is more likely to follow your advertisement and join one more ptc site to earn.

There are other ways too like setting up a paid to signup offer in ptc or gpt like websites. Yo basically promote site X on site Y and Site Y on Site X until you have enough referrals on both sites.

This takes some money and guts to wait for the results to appear. It is also important that your referrals keep clicking so that you keep earning money.

To achieve this you can communicate with your referrals(some sites provide this facility that you can email your referrals) and encourage them to be active on the site and make money for themselves and you.

But be sure not to nag them too much.

You can even guide them and give them strategies for increasing their online earnings like completing mini jobs tasks and acquiring direct referrals. If your referrals succeed so do you.

Best Way To Cashout From PTC Sites

OK, suppose you have done all the hard work and earned enough to cash out, how can you cash out from these websites. You need an e money service account. I have mentioned the e moneys services each of my recommended ptc websites accept in the above table.

You can use anyone of the service gateways for PTC websites that i have mentioned against that particular ptc website. You can also visit site’s FAQ or support pages about the details of payment processors available on that site.

Cashout Limits On Ptc Sites

Each site has minimum cash out limit and some sites have an upper cap on maximum withdrawal amount per each transaction. I have mentioned minimum cash out of each site and you can see it’s really low.

You need not worry about maximum cash out limit for now as that limit is well beyond what most users make on the site. You can safely withdraw hundreds and (thousands in most cases) of dollars monthly from each of site mentioned above if you are having success.

Say you are super successful and start earning thousands of dollars from each site, you can use that money to buy advertisements for your affiliate links. If that ever happens!.

But hey, hope for the best! Dream Big!

Cashout Frequency On PTC Websites

Cash out frequency and the time it take for completion of transaction varies for each PTC site. You can visit related site’s FAQ or Support tab for more detail.

It is important to request a cash out before a certain date set by site owner. Like, say, every Tuesday(Just an example) of the week when they process payments or your payment shall be processed on next week’s processing day.

Best Use Of PTC Websites Forums

All the best ptc websites have active forums. Visiting PTC websites forums is very important to keep in touch with the latest news from the admin and hearing from fellow site users.

You can see what problem they are facing and also post if you are having any difficulty. Here, users can get answers directly by the admin of site.

You also get encouraged by reading other user’s success stories of earning and get motivated to earn some yourself.

Just keep in mind, read and follow forum rules to avoid getting banned from forums or in some rare cases the website.

A Checklist For PTC Websites Users

  • First of all choose the best ptc websites to stick with in the long run.
  • Visit the websites daily and click ads complete offers do tasks, surveys whatever you may prefer
  • do not ever try to create more than one account for the same website as they will ban you through ip tracking.
  • some websites have strict rules about their forums so be sure to read and adhere to these rules before posting otherwise they will ban you
  • choose your payment processor carefully on some sites you cannot change the payment method once you have used one type of payment method
  • every success story takes time and effort so be sure to put in your everyday work and be disciplined


PTC and GPT websites are a genuine way to get paid by clicking indeed. Athough it is very time consuming and takes a lot of work but which online income strategy doesn’t take time I ask.

At least you can start without spending a fortune it is basically absolutely free, unlike many other ways to make money that require training and you have to spend money learning different courses and different skills.

It is actually no more different than other ways of making money in that the direct referrals that you want to have are like the leads that you generate when blogging or affiliate marketing.

some people do find it difficult so they say this is no good but I know people that are making a decent amount of passive income from this method so if you are a doer!, go for it.

Final Thoughts

Financial freedom, early retirement and passive income are the big dreams of today’s online community. In today’s world, loads and loads of people have been marketing ways to make money online in order to make themselves some money.

In fact (take a deep breath) there are marketers selling tactics on how to sell to others how to sell make money tools and tricks to make money online and duplicate it to their down-line. Makes sense?.

Network Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, Tech Savvy geeks, and even general public like you and me become doubtfully intrigued when we hear the claims that someone got paid by clicking  here and there and watching some advertisements. But we are excited nonetheless, Right!!!

Now, let’s talk about it from a network marketer’s point of view, these websites are actually a platform for marketers in the make money online niche to promote their products promoting them as moneymaking websites is a part of the branding for getting more visitors that are interested in making money online. Actually making money from these websites is thought to be a very tedious task.

But if you promote these websites and you do get referrals and start earning something like ten or twenty dollars every week, it can quickly pileup along with your direct referrals to a decent side cash in a few months time.

However to make much more than that you need to have a strong online presence and a steady flow of referrals.

If you want to learn latest ways to promote your referral links and make direct referrals,

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If you are reading this thanks for reading through the post. There are my affiliate link on this page. If you join under me just send me a message. I shall give you personalized success strategy to implement . Also i shall be sending latest referral strategies that i use in your inbox.

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